Nashville Might Actually Build A Genuine Bonafide Electrified Monorail

Nashville, Tennessee, can be incredibly congested, with cars, at times. And in a desperate bid to relieve that congestion, the Tennessee Senate just voted 31-0 to study the feasibility of building a monorail to transport people to and fro. And if it worked for Ogdenville and Brockway, it might just work for Nashville. »3/31/14 10:10am3/31/14 10:10am

A Gift Guide for the Transit-Obsessed

This one's for the people who give you more reliable subway directions than HopStop, who can describe to you, in detail, the metro map in any given city, and who want to ride the bus "just because." These transportation-themed gifts will fare well for any and all overzealous public transit enthusiasts in your life.… »12/05/13 3:19pm12/05/13 3:19pm