A Fiery Burnout So Epic It's Apocalyptic

Forget every burnout you've ever seen. Every donut. Nothing tops this blown methanol ute blasting fire from its tires. See, first you think it's awesome, and then a fire crew comes. And then it gets even more awesome. » 12/08/10 12:30pm 12/08/10 12:30pm

Next Holden Monaro to Coincide with "Sister" Vehicle; Possibly Camaro…

According to one Holden exec, live from kangaroo corner, the next Monaro — we know it as "bizarro Pontiac GTO" — is a go, but won't be ready in "six months or a year" even, and that the economics require a "sister vehicle" to make the plan viable, Edmunds Inside Line is reporting. He's vague on the timeline, but his… » 7/27/06 9:37am 7/27/06 9:37am

No Mo' Monaro: Last Holden Muscle Coupe to be Auctioned for Charity

We're not sure what it means for its left-hand-drive cousin, the Pontiac GTO, but the Very Last Monaro rolled off the line for GM Australia's Holden last December. Now, after a going-over by Holden's Design and Engineering departments, the car will be auctioned to support The Leukaemia Foundation, with which Holden… » 2/01/06 12:09pm 2/01/06 12:09pm

Next-Generation GTO Could Be a Four-Door Coupe

Edmunds Inside Line is reporting a new GTO could be ready by mid-2008, possibly as a (wait for it) four-door coupe. Pontiac has yet to decide on where the new model would be assembled — and what role GM's Holden division will play. What seems to be sure, however is that GM is finally settling on putting its Zeta… » 7/29/05 9:20am 7/29/05 9:20am