Next Holden Monaro to Coincide with "Sister" Vehicle; Possibly Camaro or GTO

According to one Holden exec, live from kangaroo corner, the next Monaro — we know it as "bizarro Pontiac GTO" — is a go, but won't be ready in "six months or a year" even, and that the economics require a "sister vehicle" to make the plan viable, Edmunds Inside Line is reporting. He's vague on the timeline, but his… »7/27/06 9:37am7/27/06 9:37am

No Mo' Monaro: Last Holden Muscle Coupe to be Auctioned for Charity

We're not sure what it means for its left-hand-drive cousin, the Pontiac GTO, but the Very Last Monaro rolled off the line for GM Australia's Holden last December. Now, after a going-over by Holden's Design and Engineering departments, the car will be auctioned to support The Leukaemia Foundation, with which Holden… »2/01/06 12:09pm2/01/06 12:09pm