Modstuff: Take Control of Audi S4 RS4 Handling

For those willing to make the leap and stop pretending their Audi S4 RS4's are anything but pure performance machines comes this sport sway bar package from Hotchkis Performance. The 35MM front bar stiffens things up by 60%, while the two position 29MM rear bar is adjustable from +235% to +305% stiffer over stock.… » 8/08/07 12:45pm 8/08/07 12:45pm

Ask Bob: Clutches Explained

Making the wrong choice in a performance clutch is a wicked easy thing to do. While a super ceramic or unsprung sintered iron disc may sound like the hot setup for those who fancy themselves John Force, the most common error is to choose more clutch than required. Loose fillings, scored flywheels, and grabby clutch… » 4/12/07 5:00pm 4/12/07 5:00pm

Pneumatic Garden Stool

The modern postal mailbox is a dreary affair. There is but one gem that shows up occasionally among the usual pile of bills, credit card offers, carpet cleaning discount coupons, and sporadic check. The Harbor Freight Tools catalog! In honor of President's Day they sent along an extra thick version, which contained… » 2/16/07 3:30pm 2/16/07 3:30pm