How To Buy A Mint Supercharged Corvette For Half Price, For Real

When it comes to used vehicles, I’ve always said “mileage doesn’t matter” as long as the car’s got good service history and a reputable seller. Here’s a chance to test that theory: GM tuner Callaway is selling development cars, including this near-perfect supercharged Corvette for less than the price of its upgrades. » 5/08/15 7:55pm 5/08/15 7:55pm

Proof The Chevy Reaper Is Just A Bumper Away From Full-On Awesomeness

Renown tuner Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Southern Comfort Automotive birthed their idea for a “GM version of the Ford Raptor” as the Chevy Reaper some months ago. Cool concept, egregiously ugly. Now they’ve rectified that with a stately GMC version. » 5/05/15 2:08pm 5/05/15 2:08pm

Egad!... Edag Brings "The Heat" for Auto Show

This little tiny thing we call the Detroit Auto Show has gotten bigger and bigger over the years. Since that's the case, upstarts and elbow throwers the world over are having to work hard and take less than premo space to get in. Check out Edag, they've just totally jumped the gun here out in the exposed lobby. Their… » 1/07/07 9:05am 1/07/07 9:05am