Kate Walsh Enjoys Steak After Being Turned On By Her 2008 Cadillac CTS

The attempted sexy-ing up of the Caddy brand with Kate Walsh's deep n' sultry voice continues with this second Modernista! ad for the new 2008 Cadillac CTS. Apparently, when the Grey's Anatomy star's done being turned on by her new CTS, she enjoys a steak and chocolate while she reads gossip mags dressed only in… »10/04/07 2:30pm10/04/07 2:30pm

Ad Watch: Cadillac CTS Bose Edition Is For People Who Like Bleeding Ears

The latest ad out of Modernista! ad house is pushing Caddy's new "Bose edition" of the 2007 Cadillac CTS. From what we can tell it's a CTS with a Bose stereo and a sunroof — and it'll give you "everything you need now to play at fukk full volume." Although we've got to tell you, if you drive around with a Bose… »3/23/07 2:30pm3/23/07 2:30pm

Ad Watch: Modernista! Makes A "Great Escape" With A Hummer H3

Modernista! sure knows how to do it right an' tight for the Hummer girls n' boys — and makes another great commercial letting the off-roader for those who like to be big strut its stuff. They've been pretty much right-on as they've taken the Hummer from a brand for the Ah-nohlds of the world, to the MILF's of the… »8/23/06 12:02pm8/23/06 12:02pm

Ad Watch EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Chesterfield Hummer H3 Ads

Those hipster advertigeeks at Modernista!, whose new work with Hummer we've considered somewhat awkwardly gender-political (e.g., Get Your Girl On, Restore your manhood Restore the Balance), swear these new less-controversial ads (which we're premiering here on Jalopnik) are in no way a reaction to criticism. What's… »8/15/06 3:44pm8/15/06 3:44pm

Lonely, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely Time: Cadillac Dumps "Rock and Roll" from Ad Campaigns

With Cadillac shedding Leo Burnett as its ad agency of record, so goes Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" from its media spots. The brand's got a new agency in the hipsters at Modernista!, and their mission (yes, they've chosen to accept it) is to lure even younger (younger than 65, that is), affluent buyers from their Euro… »7/17/06 11:09am7/17/06 11:09am