1928 Issue Of Modern Mechanics Recommends Uses For Old Ford Model T's

Here's a fascinating article from the November 1928 edition of Modern Mechanics » 10/22/08 3:00pm 10/22/08 3:00pm suggesting ways to reuse that old now that you've moved up to a fancy-pants new Model A. Instead of dumping the Lizzie in a back country woods somewhere or letting it rust behind your house, why not reuse the engine as a powerplant for a…

Around the World in 80cc or Less: A Crazy, Old Go-Kart Trip

One fine early-fall day in 1960, writer William Glen Davis set off from California to New York (by way of Mexico City) on a street-legal go-kart (good, old days indeed). At a cruising speed of 60 mph (!) — and averaging in the neighborhood of 45 mpg — he dashed, in a sense, across the USA. Maybe he should have… » 6/08/06 10:06am 6/08/06 10:06am