What if aliens mistook cars for the dominant life form on Earth?

If an extraterrestrial were to spy on certain corners of the Earth, might it decide that the automobile was top dog on our planet? The 1966 short film What on Earth! pokes fun at car culture by imagining a misunderstanding Martian report on Earth's dominate species: the car. » 8/04/13 10:26am 8/04/13 10:26am

Ford Employs Mocumentary to Attract the Kids to the Fusion

Ford, you're totally bugging. The company's advertising hipsters have created an online mockumentary of the "Spinal Tap" school that follows a fictional Norwegian rock trio called Hurra Torpedo as they tour the US in a Fusion SEL. Dressed in track suits, the slow-witted, culturally awkward musicians and their inept… » 2/15/06 7:45am 2/15/06 7:45am