Deliver Them From Bankruptcy: Ford Starts Shipping Edge Crossovers

And Saint Mulally (with Sir LeClair and of course Sir Fields) raised the Ford Edge up on high, saying,
»12/07/06 3:58pm12/07/06 3:58pm

And the Lord did grin, and people of Dearborn did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large...and then the Lord spake, saying,

When Did "Consistency" Overtake "Quality" As Job One With The Ford Edge?

FoMoCo's still parroting the line that "the manufacturing process and the supply base aren't to the level of consistency and stability we'd like to see" as Ford's manufacturing boss, Joe Hinrichs, said to trade pub Automotive News when he was again asked what's up with the delay of the new Ford Edge. Yet AN's learned… »11/21/06 9:05am11/21/06 9:05am

Dream A Little Dream Of Lincoln: No Mr. Badge-Engineering, We Expect You To Die!

Of course, any event starting with the promise of shooting live ammunition and ends with martini's can't be all bad, and Lincoln's event to promote the latest ad campaign for FoMoCo's luxe nameplate didn't disappoint. Reilly Brennan, editor of the online-only magazine of the Road which is always Winding, and I had the… »11/17/06 11:01am11/17/06 11:01am

Lincoln Wants A Jalopnik Editor To Dream A Little Dream Of Them

I'm down in Dearborn today for an interesting little marketing event sponsored by the folks at FoMoCo for the Lincoln brand. It's an extension of their "Dreams" campaign — an attempt to link the Lincoln brand to one of three luxe segments Lincoln believes corresponds most closely with it's brand image. The segments… »11/16/06 11:28am11/16/06 11:28am

Breaking! FoMoCo Tells Dealers Its Pushing Back Launch Of Ford Edge And Lincoln MKX

The Dearborn-based automaker informed dealers today that the Edge-based recovery of FoMoCo cited by Mark "Movie Star" Fields was going to have to wait just a little bit longer. Joe Hinrichs, FoMoCo's veep for NorAm manufacturing, claims that they're going to need a few more weeks to iron out some "supplier issues."… »11/15/06 7:01pm11/15/06 7:01pm

Pricing! GMC Professionally Grades 2007 Acadia CUV At A Starting Price Of $29,990

You'll need to be a "professional" if you want to apply for a lease or purchase deal on GMC's new crossover hotness, the Acadia. The General's new CUV is nothing if not pricey at a starting price of $29,990 for the FWD base unit. While certainly not as many ducats as FoMoCo's new Mercury MKX (that starting price of… »10/19/06 9:20am10/19/06 9:20am

Breaking The Bank! Lincoln Prices MKX Starting At $34,795

FoMoCo's Lincoln brand's released pricing on their new CUV hotness, the MKX. The base model will start at $34,795 and the AWD model hits the showroom floors at $36,445. Our first reaction, after the obligatory bugs bunny double take, rubbing of the eyes, and yelling of "Zoinks!" was to question the reasoning behind… »9/22/06 10:57am9/22/06 10:57am

The Ford Edge And Lincoln MKX: FoMoCo's Sales Dream Or Reality?

We stopped by Ford's media site today, we were greeted with the above graphic (obvs that we added the "WTF?" part) and a press release proudly beating its chest over FoMoCo's entry to the CUV market — the Ford Edge and the Lincoln MKX. The graphic proudly states "Ford has an edge on growing CUV market." The only… »9/08/06 10:00am9/08/06 10:00am