SHO Me The Twin Force, Baby! Rumors Of Performance Taurus Tease The Interwebs

FoMoCo forums are all atwitter with people claiming to have the inside skinny on the possibility of a Super High Performance version of the Ford's newly renamed Taurus. So what have we heard thrown over the back fence from Dearborn? Well, we're getting tios that a high-performance model of the Taurus is undergoing… »3/22/07 1:00pm3/22/07 1:00pm


Detroit Auto Show Preview: Lincoln MKR Makes It To Embargo Release To Show Us MK-More

The concept car for the 2007 Detroit show that started the whole break-the-Mutha-KR-ing embargo system down was the Lincoln MKR concept car. And thanks to the folks at Car & Driver, although everyone and their mother had already gotten the skinny on the new rear-wheel drive, independent-rear suspended, new front… »1/02/07 9:18am1/02/07 9:18am

Everybody's Doing It: More Detroit Auto Show Embargoed Lincoln MKR Concept Content

After everyone learned last week about the tragically debilitating collective selective memory loss disorder suffered by the employees of Car & Driver (I know, how tragic is it that it only affects the ability to remember what date their magazine's printed on and pops up only during months preceding major auto… »12/27/06 4:01pm12/27/06 4:01pm

It's Mayhem! Lincoln MKR Concept Pics Hit the Net

The rogue elements at Edmunds Inside Line — that means you, former MPHer, Dan "Pummeler of Mustangs" Pund — dropped a pair of images of the Lincoln MKR concept, destined for unveiling at the Detroit auto show. A proto sport-coupe, the swank MKR is powered by a 415-hp, twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 — the engine setup… »12/22/06 10:00pm12/22/06 10:00pm