Shelby Automobiles Remakes GT40 MKII For Carroll's 85th Birthday

The guy responsible for some of the most legendary cars in American racing history is turning 85 this year and Shelby Automotive has just the present for him. To celebrate the bought-and-paid-for-by-Ford main man's big birthday bonanza, 255 copies of the MKII GT40 will be remade in the original designs and colors… » 5/02/08 9:20am 5/02/08 9:20am

Volkswagen 3.5-Wheeler: Safe Happens?

For the person that drives this VW Golf, "safe" does not happen. Now, obviously the first thing that catches your attention is the innovative wheel design. Clearly that's going to affect the handling and braking of the car, so the driver is more than likely going to be in an accident. That's OK though, because the… » 3/13/08 1:00pm 3/13/08 1:00pm

Continental MK II

I ran across an article today on that proclaims the new Cadillac CTS is "The Cadillac of luxury sedans." And you thought Jalopnik was the fount from which all automotive irony sprung. It's true though, and I know you've heard it before, but in the 1950s a Cadillac was the el numero uno in the world. For it… » 12/12/07 12:00pm 12/12/07 12:00pm