The Toyota Sienta Is One Very Odd Minivan With An Even Odder Ad Campaign

Welcome to The Drift where Jalopnik East rounds up the highlights from all around the Pacific Rim. In recent highlights, Toyota’s new Sienta minivan is weird, but its commercials are weirder, Mitsuoka is releasing a new take on the Nissan March for women, and we want to know what you want in your Drift. »7/16/15 7:35am7/16/15 7:35am


Put Some Class In Your Dumb Life With Mitsuoka's Insane Baroque Miata

This era of human history is a special time. The world is united in celebration over the debut of the 2016 Mazda Miata, which is really really good. But maybe you don’t want a lightweight and thoroughly modern roadster. Maybe you want a neo-Baroque Morgan knockoff with Mini Cooper headlamps. Mitsuoka has got you… »6/01/15 12:20pm6/01/15 12:20pm

Miniature Nissan modified to look like vintage Jaguar on Ebay

If you've always wanted the look of a vintage Jaguar but they were too big, left hand drive, unreliable or easy to get parts for in America, one Japanese company created a not so perfect solution. Behold the Mitsuoka Viewt. Built on the body of a Nissan March by a Japanese company that specializes in unique automotive… »7/30/11 11:00am7/30/11 11:00am

Mitsuoka Galue S50 Limo Is Executive Enchantment On Wheels

Mitsuoka is an automaker we've known to build some of the most breathtaking automobiles ever conceived, whether it be the Camry-powered Mitsuoka Orochi »10/28/08 3:20pm10/28/08 3:20pm, or the renowned we spotted on the streets of Tokyo. Now we can add another name to that list of exceptionally styled cars which exemplify the virtues of proportion,…

PCH, Hemi Transplant Edition: Clenet II or Mitsuoka Viewt?

The last time we set foot in the Hell That Is Project, the blown Kaiser Manhattan just barely beat the blown VW Corrado, showing that heartbreaking dilemmas can be fun! For today, I wanted to pick a couple of glitz-heavy high-roller machines, but there's something important missing from all the ones I could find for… »1/21/08 5:45pm1/21/08 5:45pm

How to Escape Microcar-Attacking Ninjas on Roller Skates

The constant threat of Ninja attack is something we all have to live with on a daily basis. For years now, the common man has been getting caught in the crossfire of the ongoing Ninja versus Pirate wars. An attack from either side could come at any time so it pays to be eternally vigilant. This educational video… »1/07/08 12:00pm1/07/08 12:00pm

Tokyo Motor Show: The Mitsuoka Orochi Is Still The Ugliest "Super Car" Ever

As we get ready for next week's LA Auto Show, we're working on cleaning our SEMA and Tokyo Motor Show pictures off our camera. The first ones from Tokyo we need to get rid of — for fear we'll break our shiny black DSLR due to accidentally dropping it while retching — are our newest shots of the Orochi, a mid-engined… »11/05/07 9:15am11/05/07 9:15am