How Car Crash Modeling Technology Could Predict Offshore Drilling…

It's the billion-dollar question for offshore drilling giants: Could the Deepwater Horizon disaster have been prevented? Researchers at MIT's Impact and Crashworthiness Laboratory may have found at least a partial answer—the same kind of computer modeling that predicts whether car components can hold their own in a… » 8/17/11 9:00pm 8/17/11 9:00pm

'Plasma-Turbo' Is Certainly One of the Best Hyphenates Ever: Wacky,…

Remember back when everything used to be "atomic?" Then somehow "nuclear" became the preferred phrase? But it seems to us, something as important of the fission and/or fusion of the atom should be a simple, agreed-upon pronunciation, so figures as important as presidents don't look like assholes when talking about… » 8/15/06 11:30pm 8/15/06 11:30pm

A Flying Transformer-Car-Jet! We're Waiting For The El Camino-ization

Terrafugia's moved up the work on this George Jetson play-toy. Although it may look like it's totally coming straight from a Spacely Sprockets airstrip, it's not. This MIT-designed flying car is called the Transition, and they're gonna try building a prototype in the next two years for a mere $150,000 a unit. Also,… » 5/17/06 2:20pm 5/17/06 2:20pm

Paranoid Time: Stackable Mecha Cars Spring from Gehry's Brain

Waking up from a nightmare in which stackable mecha roll of the decks of futuristic, space-borne aircraft carriers capable of punching holes through planets and do battle all Robotech-style against hordes of invaders in period-correct Zeros that transform into dancing robots, we popped on the internets and found this… » 12/29/05 3:01pm 12/29/05 3:01pm