How Car Crash Modeling Technology Could Predict Offshore Drilling Disasters

It's the billion-dollar question for offshore drilling giants: Could the Deepwater Horizon disaster have been prevented? Researchers at MIT's Impact and Crashworthiness Laboratory may have found at least a partial answer—the same kind of computer modeling that predicts whether car components can hold their own in a… »8/17/11 9:00pm8/17/11 9:00pm

'Plasma-Turbo' Is Certainly One of the Best Hyphenates Ever: Wacky, Futuristic Stuff From MIT

Remember back when everything used to be "atomic?" Then somehow "nuclear" became the preferred phrase? But it seems to us, something as important of the fission and/or fusion of the atom should be a simple, agreed-upon pronunciation, so figures as important as presidents don't look like assholes when talking about… »8/15/06 11:30pm8/15/06 11:30pm

A Flying Transformer-Car-Jet! We're Waiting For The El Camino-ization

Terrafugia's moved up the work on this George Jetson play-toy. Although it may look like it's totally coming straight from a Spacely Sprockets airstrip, it's not. This MIT-designed flying car is called the Transition, and they're gonna try building a prototype in the next two years for a mere $150,000 a unit. Also,… »5/17/06 2:20pm5/17/06 2:20pm

Paranoid Time: Stackable Mecha Cars Spring from Gehry's Brain

Waking up from a nightmare in which stackable mecha roll of the decks of futuristic, space-borne aircraft carriers capable of punching holes through planets and do battle all Robotech-style against hordes of invaders in period-correct Zeros that transform into dancing robots, we popped on the internets and found this… »12/29/05 3:01pm12/29/05 3:01pm