Coop Hits the Swap Meet

The one and only Mister Cooper got together with Señor Jalopy and belly-tank Bobby to hit a Model T swap meet in the fine city of Long Beach. As one of the few art critics Los Jalops intrinsically respect — as he himself has a bit of the old artist in him — we dig the man's take on the inherent majesty of the layout… » 7/27/07 9:45pm 7/27/07 9:45pm

Coop Takes a Hooptyride

Given that the august Mister Jalopy hasn't seen fit to update his marvelous catalogue of wonderous things in over a month, Coop hopped in his new Falcon (the wagon is sadly still in a lawyer-induced state of disrepair) and went to check out the goings on at Hooptyrides, Inc. Also, one post down, he details an encounter » 7/19/07 7:00pm 7/19/07 7:00pm

It's Mister Jalopy's World, We Just Exist in the Form of

Oh, to be Mister Jalopy. We say this now and then, but we never get around to doing so. San Pedro, undoubtedly, has some fine garage sales. We mean, just look at the place! But we're sentimental and have a hard time throwing away junk mail at times, and we've got a nice third of a triplex largely held together with… » 1/31/07 9:30pm 1/31/07 9:30pm

Mister Jalopy Suffers From ACD

Like many American men of a certain age, the first internal-combustion automobile engine we became familiar with was the small block Chevrolet V-8. In our case, it was the least-powerful 350 ever made, but it was still a 350. Small blocks look archetypical to us because they are. It is the metric by which we judge… » 1/18/07 2:00pm 1/18/07 2:00pm

Mister Jalopy on Street Racing in Modest Automobiles

"There is some surprise when people learn that I am not only a driving enthusiast but am also an accomplished street racer. Granted, sometimes my opponents don't know we are racing. They think they are in a hurry to get to work in their M5." » 12/26/06 3:30pm 12/26/06 3:30pm

Mister Jalopy Offers Up Vintage-Car Advice

The wise sage of Hooptyrides, Inc. layeth down invaluable advice on the procurement, care and feeding of automobiles that may or may not be as old or older than you are. Download the handy .pdf file, suitable for printing, laminating and storing in one's somewhat-greasy glovebox.While downloading, click past the jump… » 9/20/06 12:00am 9/20/06 12:00am

A Catchall Cornucopia at Hooptyrides

The incomparable Mister Jalopy offers up boundless love to those as obsessive as he (or, in the case of the Department of Entropy guy) possibly moreso. We've got S-Class collections. We've got amazing Can-Am erasers in both physical and CG-rendered form. And of course, we've got Mister Jalopy's inspired prose to tie… » 9/18/06 10:30pm 9/18/06 10:30pm

Mister Jalopy On Can-Am Erasers

If there's one thing we hate about Mister Jalopy it's that he simply doesn't post enough. We realize that he's busy building things and whipping Hooptyrides, Inc. into shape. And yet somehow we missed his post on one of our absolute favorite things ever — the Can-Am era. If there is one episode in the last century we… » 9/05/06 9:45pm 9/05/06 9:45pm

Mister Jalopy Takes it to the Banks'

While we love us some Coop and some Iowahawk, there are few men on the planet who write about the sheer, shameful/shameless geekery of being an abject car nut than Mister Jalopy. So while we did run a bit about Coop and the mighty 'Hawk's visits to Gale Banks' Gearhead Invitational, we just ran across Mister Jalopy's… » 8/09/06 4:31am 8/09/06 4:31am

We'd Almost Trade The End of Last Week for This

How do you top blasting across the Southwest in a luxo car with a couple of women, scoping all manner of madcap machinery, making new friends and ogling hotties while staying in luxo-type rooms? Well, you really don't. But if we were gonna trade the Bullrun for two days out of somebody else's life, we could do far » 8/01/06 9:30pm 8/01/06 9:30pm

Mister Jalopy on the Value of Inconvenience for Convenience's Sake

As is established by now, Mister Jalopy is quite the sage, pundit, and/or what-have-you. We once called, got his voicemail and were horrified to learn that his real name is not Mister Jalopy. Even Coop (his oftentime garage-saling partner) and his wife refer to him as such. However, so's not to horrendously spoil the… » 7/15/06 12:45am 7/15/06 12:45am

Turn Your Home Into a Filling Station!

Mister Jalopy is right. It is impossible to read the Service Station Supply catalog without considering installing a couple gas pumps. Regardless, these snazzy decals really caught our eye. We especially like the one that reads, "Turn off cell phones and beepers." Beepers? Who has a beeper anymore? More than that,… » 7/07/06 4:30pm 7/07/06 4:30pm

Mister Jalopy Kicks it Becker-Style

When we first got our El Camino, we swapped out the decrepit Pioneer head unit for a more modern JVC piece that featured eight watts of raw power to each door-mounted speaker. Our friend Peet got in the car and said, "Sweet. Your radio's got a 'Metal' button." And indeed, it did. We miss the Metal button. Sometimes… » 6/12/06 12:57am 6/12/06 12:57am

Mister Jalopy on the House

Font foundries are a dime a dozen, cranking out crap like the horribly overused (and not very good) Deftone Stylus. But House, well, as is often the case, we can't put it any better than Mister Jalopy: » 5/24/06 5:00pm 5/24/06 5:00pm

Smokey Yunick's 'Sidecar'...Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)

Generally, it's an unwritten decree on tha Jalop that we don't lay verbiage down on items from the same site twice in a row. But like inveterate dictum-dodger and race-vehicle innovator Smokey Yunick, we're breaking that rule because Mister Jalopy just posted on Yunick's "Sidecar," which the august Se or Jalopy… » 5/10/06 5:58am 5/10/06 5:58am

Mister Jalopy Goes to San Mateo

Mister Jalopy's got a new post up that covers DIY exhaust-manifold-bolt replacement, the joy and terror of driving from Los Angeles to San Mateo on I-5 in a clapped-out Kombi Country Squire, and his time at the Maker Faire, an expo put on by the DIY buenos at Make Magazine. Few writers capture the joy and frustration… » 5/03/06 8:31pm 5/03/06 8:31pm

When Hooptyrides isn't Enough: Jalopy Junktown!

That Mister Jalopy's always got his hand in something or other. We're not sure how he finds time for all of his various projects, but he's added another one to the honey-do list: Jalopy Junktown. Those of you who are more into our hero's esoteric garage-sale finds and dry writing style than his cars will find plenty… » 4/07/06 2:47pm 4/07/06 2:47pm

Mister Jalopy on the Boob Tube!

Even though, befitting his hooptiness, he's only got a blogspot address and we've got the full-boat, often-broken Movable Type action happening over at tha Jalop, Hooptyrides honcho Mister Jalopy has made it to the small screen, and we haven't. Well, there was that time when we were in Cub Scouts riding in a… » 4/05/06 11:43pm 4/05/06 11:43pm