This Man Shot Two People On A Mississippi Highway

When police arrested James D. Willie, 28, for allegedly trying to rape a woman, they found that the gun he fired during that altercation was linked to two highway murders in northwest Mississippi. Investigators initially thought they were looking for someone who had been posing as a police officer, but that turned… » 5/18/12 4:30pm 5/18/12 4:30pm

Toyota To Halt Expansion Of US Assembly Plants, Increase Sales Of…

In Japan, Toyota has plants clustered together, with a capability of building more than a half-dozen different vehicles on each line, and their most efficient plants around the world are capable of operating more than one assembly line each. But here in the United States, Toyota plants build just one or two models and… » 6/20/07 10:30am 6/20/07 10:30am

Caption This Photo: Governor Haley Barbour Digs Halfway To Memphis In…

Here's the actual tagline for the above photo: » 4/20/07 12:15pm 4/20/07 12:15pm

But with the look on Barber's punim positively screaming — umm — something, we're totally thinking y'all can come up with something a bit more insightful. So please, feel free to take a gander and then put fingers to keyboard to help us provide a more appropriate caption…

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Kids on Cars

When we were but a small Jalop, our teacher got our 6th-grade class involved in a local paper's "Design-an-Ad" contest. We ended up with a local dairy, and somehow figured out a way to work a Countach into the ad. Because, you know, every dairy needs a Countach. But this is somewhat more hilarious. These poor children… » 12/20/06 6:00pm 12/20/06 6:00pm

Kia's Head's in Mississippi: New Plant in Meridian?

Thanks to parent Hyundai's new Montgomery, Alabama plant, Kia's mulling over its own factory in the South, this one in Meridian, MS. Due to its proximity to Montgomery, available acreage, and some glad-handing by Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, as well as the installed supplier base in the area due to the numerous… » 8/22/05 10:59am 8/22/05 10:59am