Watch how supersonic Russian bombers drop their giant cruise missiles

The Russian Air Force’s Tupolev TU-160 is a gorgeous-looking plane with sweeping wings and the capability to reach supersonic speeds. It’s also a scary powerful bomber aircraft with the ability to launch the frightening KH-555 cruise missile, an air-launched missile that can be equipped with a nuclear warhead and has… »11/04/15 3:55pm11/04/15 3:55pm


This Russian Missile That Is Slung Out Of A Ship's Torpedo Tube Is Pretty Nuts

Russia’s love for anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles is no secret and a wide variety of weapons have been developed to service these missions. Yet the RPK-6 “Vodopad,” meaning “Waterfall” in English, also code named the SS-N-16 “Stallion” by NATO, has to be one of the most interesting to watch in action. »10/21/15 8:02pm10/21/15 8:02pm

The Navy's Little Missiles Could Be Popping Up In Many More Places

This image shows the Cyclone Class coastal patrol boat USS Firebolt shooting off a $100,000 Griffin surface-to-surface missile during a training exercise in the Arabian Gulf. Different variants of the Griffin have been put to use aboard everything from ships to unmanned aircraft to Ospreys to AC-130 Gunships in recent… »7/09/15 2:58pm7/09/15 2:58pm

Slow Motion RPGs, Javelins & Recoilless Rifles Are Sorta Mesmerizing

Often times small arms, missiles and even combat vehicles function at such high-speeds that we really can't see exactly how their intricate parts work, or what their projectiles even look like. This is why slowing everything down really gives us an idea of how these systems operate mechanically, and watching them do… »11/07/14 3:33pm11/07/14 3:33pm

Russia's Fast And Elusive TOPOL-M Ballistic Missile Is Scary As Hell

The giant TOPOL-M road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile is one frightening creation of mankind. It can hide in cities, forests, or even nuclear-attack hardened bunkers. It'll travel at over 15,000 MPH while taking evasive action and pumping out decoys on the way to its target. »8/09/14 4:27pm8/09/14 4:27pm

Why Can't We Protect Commercial Planes From Attacks?

Last week's downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over the disputed territory of Eastern Ukraine has set off worldwide outcries against the conflict, and calls to better defend commercial airlines from missile attack. But is it even possible to defend civilian jets against military-grade weapons? »7/24/14 12:52pm7/24/14 12:52pm

The Littoral Combat Ship Will Use Hellfire Missiles To Repel Enemies

The Littoral Combat Ship is the bane of many surface warfare experts who see the thin-skinned vessel as a $650M speedboat without a clear mission, or teeth for that matter. After years of denial, the Navy has begun listening to the LCS's detractors and has come to terms with the fact that their plug-and-play wannabe… »4/11/14 2:56pm4/11/14 2:56pm