Brand New AC-130 Ghostrider A Total Loss After Going Inverted While Out Of Control

One of the Air Force Special Operations Command’s brand-spanking-new AC-130J Ghostrider Gunships has to be scrapped due to a test flight that went horribly awry. Luckily nobody was harmed but the $115 million dollar highly-modified Super Hercules will never fly again. »11/17/15 7:40pm11/17/15 7:40pm


You May Puke Watching This Tug Boat Attempt To Tow Russia's Carrier In Rough Seas

What happens when your only aircraft carrier breaks down off the coast of Spain in very rough seas? Call the big tugboat that’s been shadowing you for just such an occasion and attempt a tow. The result is this well, stomach turning video that shows the Russian tug Nikolay Chiker attempting a tow operation on the… »11/13/15 4:20pm11/13/15 4:20pm

Car Wash Manager Straps Self to Spinning Scrubber, Somehow Survives

The manager of a Louisiana drive-through car wash was doing some routine cleaning when his power-washer hose got sucked into one of the large, rotating scrubber, and sucked him in along with it. Unable to move, thanks to the hose wrapped around him, Josh Hood endured roughly 30 embarrassing seconds of spin-cycle… »11/11/15 3:04pm11/11/15 3:04pm

Army CH-47 Chinook Plucks What's Left Of Doomed JLENS Blimp From Forest

It was an instant media sensation that died seemingly as soon as it begun. The great blimp chase of 2015 was fun while it lasted, well maybe not for the Army, and now they are plucking what is left of the stricken radar-packing aerostat out of a Pennsylvania forest using their go-to plucker of such large things, the… »11/01/15 6:00pm11/01/15 6:00pm

Two Dead After AW609 Civilian Tilt-Rotor Crashes In Northern Italy

Agusta Westland’s AW-609 tilt-rotor crashed in northern Italy
today, killing both pilots onboard. The crash occurred about 30 miles from the company’s airfield in Cascina Costa. The cause of the crash remains unknown at this time. The aircraft involved was the second AW-609 prototype built back in the early 2000s.
»10/30/15 1:42pm10/30/15 1:42pm

C-130 Crashes At Jalalabad Air Base In Eastern Afghanistan, Killing 11

A C-130 Super Hercules crashed shortly after midnight at Jalalabad Air Base which is located about 80 miles east of Kabul, Afghanistan. On-board were six military crew members and five civilian passengers, all of whom lost their lives. The passengers were all working with NATO’s mission in the country.
»10/02/15 8:08am10/02/15 8:08am

British Airways Boeing 777 Burns At Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

A British Airways 777 caught fire at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport this evening. Reports state the fire began in one of the engines but that can not be confirmed at this time. All 159 passengers and 13 crew onboard are reported to have successfully escaped from the aircraft. »9/08/15 8:06pm9/08/15 8:06pm

U.S. F-16 Crashes Into Bavarian Forest, Pilot Ejects With Light Injuries

A Block 50 F-16CM from the U.S. Air Force 480th Fighter Squadron, the “Warhawks,” based at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, crashed into a forest at around 9:30 a.m. local time while on a training mission near the U.S. Army Garrison in Grafenwoehr. The pilot safely ejected and is being held at the hospital with only… »8/11/15 10:51am8/11/15 10:51am

A Mi-28 Spun Out And Crashed During A Russian Air Show

An Mi-28N “Havoc” attack helicopter from Russia’s Golden Eagles aerobatic display team lost control during one of the team’s signature maneuvers and came spinning to the ground. Amazingly, one of the helicopter’s two crewman escaped the wreckage largely unscathed, while the other was killed. »8/02/15 4:21pm8/02/15 4:21pm

There Have Been Four High Profile Airplane Crashes In One Day

No less than four high-profile aviation incidents, three in the UK and one in Colombia, have rocked the aviation world within the last 24 hours. These included the loss of a shadowy Colombian Air Force CASA 235, an Embraer private jet with three of the Bin Laden family on board, a Folland Gnat performing at a huge car… »8/01/15 4:17pm8/01/15 4:17pm

Watch A Russian Navy Missile Explode Like That American One Last Week

An American missile exploded just after launch from the USS The Sullivans last week, simultaneously making you feel better at work for your own screwups and providing a spectacular photo. Not to be outdone, the Russian Navy suffered a similar mishap this weekend, and this time, there’s video. »7/27/15 12:49pm7/27/15 12:49pm

SM-2 Missile Explodes On Launch From The Destroyer USS The Sullivans 

The USS The Sullivans got more than it expected during a test launch of a SM-2 “Standard” missile today. The DDG-68 ship was sailing off the coast of Virginia performing when the missile was boosted out of the Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer’s Vertical Launch System cell and the SM-2 detonated in spectacular fashion. »7/22/15 7:40pm7/22/15 7:40pm

Terrifying Image Shows Heroic Crew Trying To Keep Stricken Osprey Flying

This image from the Marine Corps shows a deadly event that occurred on October 1 last year. The crew flew the Osprey in maintenance mode by accident, which greatly reduced engine power output. The harrowing story of heroics and the loss of a young Marine’s life, is a must read in this article by the San Diego Union… »7/01/15 4:01pm7/01/15 4:01pm

Vintage Catalina Flying Boat In Nic Cage Film Partially Sinks On Beach

Yesterday, a gorgeous Catalina PBY named Flora-Bama that was being used as a prop for the upcoming Nicolas Cage movie USS Indianapolis: Men of Honor began taking on water while performing touch and goes for the camera. Today, the plane sits half sunk in the surf along Gold Beach, Florida, a most peculiar sight for… »6/30/15 7:00pm6/30/15 7:00pm

Indonesian Air Force C-130 Crashed Into A Dense Neighborhood In Medan

In what is truly a horrific scene, a C-130 belonging to the Indonesian Air Force crashed in a dense residential neighborhood in Indonesia’s third largest city. At this time, reports state that 12 crewman were on-board the Hercules transport, and at least 43 bodies have been recovered from the scene. A frantic search… »6/30/15 7:13am6/30/15 7:13am