U.S. F-16 Crashes Into Bavarian Forest, Pilot Ejects With Light Injuries

A Block 50 F-16CM from the U.S. Air Force 480th Fighter Squadron, the “Warhawks,” based at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, crashed into a forest at around 9:30 a.m. local time while on a training mission near the U.S. Army Garrison in Grafenwoehr. The pilot safely ejected and is being held at the hospital with only… » 8/11/15 10:51am 8/11/15 10:51am

A Mi-28 Spun Out And Crashed During A Russian Air Show

An Mi-28N “Havoc” attack helicopter from Russia’s Golden Eagles aerobatic display team lost control during one of the team’s signature maneuvers and came spinning to the ground. Amazingly, one of the helicopter’s two crewman escaped the wreckage largely unscathed, while the other was killed. » 8/02/15 4:21pm 8/02/15 4:21pm

There Have Been Four High Profile Airplane Crashes In One Day

No less than four high-profile aviation incidents, three in the UK and one in Colombia, have rocked the aviation world within the last 24 hours. These included the loss of a shadowy Colombian Air Force CASA 235, an Embraer private jet with three of the Bin Laden family on board, a Folland Gnat performing at a huge car… » 8/01/15 4:17pm 8/01/15 4:17pm

Watch A Russian Navy Missile Explode Like That American One Last Week

An American missile exploded just after launch from the USS The Sullivans last week, simultaneously making you feel better at work for your own screwups and providing a spectacular photo. Not to be outdone, the Russian Navy suffered a similar mishap this weekend, and this time, there’s video. » 7/27/15 12:49pm 7/27/15 12:49pm

SM-2 Missile Explodes On Launch From The Destroyer USS The Sullivans 

The USS The Sullivans got more than it expected during a test launch of a SM-2 “Standard” missile today. The DDG-68 ship was sailing off the coast of Virginia performing when the missile was boosted out of the Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer’s Vertical Launch System cell and the SM-2 detonated in spectacular fashion. » 7/22/15 7:40pm 7/22/15 7:40pm

Terrifying Image Shows Heroic Crew Trying To Keep Stricken Osprey Flying

This image from the Marine Corps shows a deadly event that occurred on October 1 last year. The crew flew the Osprey in maintenance mode by accident, which greatly reduced engine power output. The harrowing story of heroics and the loss of a young Marine’s life, is a must read in this article by the San Diego Union… » 7/01/15 4:01pm 7/01/15 4:01pm

Vintage Catalina Flying Boat In Nic Cage Film Partially Sinks On Beach

Yesterday, a gorgeous Catalina PBY named Flora-Bama that was being used as a prop for the upcoming Nicolas Cage movie USS Indianapolis: Men of Honor began taking on water while performing touch and goes for the camera. Today, the plane sits half sunk in the surf along Gold Beach, Florida, a most peculiar sight for… » 6/30/15 7:00pm 6/30/15 7:00pm

Indonesian Air Force C-130 Crashed Into A Dense Neighborhood In Medan

In what is truly a horrific scene, a C-130 belonging to the Indonesian Air Force crashed in a dense residential neighborhood in Indonesia’s third largest city. At this time, reports state that 12 crewman were on-board the Hercules transport, and at least 43 bodies have been recovered from the scene. A frantic search… » 6/30/15 7:13am 6/30/15 7:13am

The Blue Angel F/A-18 Hornets Are Literally Falling Apart In Mid-Air

It’s no secret that the Navy and U.S. Marine Corps’ fleet of ‘legacy’ Hornets have literally had their wings flown off them. Many of the aircraft are far beyond their design life, and depots can’t work fast enough at refurbishing them in hopes of getting more use out of them. » 6/08/15 4:00pm 6/08/15 4:00pm

We Finally Get Our First Look At The Barbecued F-35 Nearly A Year Later

These are the first photos of the F-35A that caught fire on Eglin AFB’s main runway almost a year ago. As you can see, not only is the jet’s stealthy skin badly charred, but its spine was perforated by its Pratt & Whitney F135 engine that tore itself apart from within. » 6/05/15 8:35pm 6/05/15 8:35pm

Porsche-Armored Carrier Fender Bender Is A Metaphor For Modern China

It is unclear exactly what the circumstances of this meeting of two completely opposite wheeled vehicles were, but a collision of some sort between a PLL05 Self Propelled 120mm Mortar System and a Porsche Cayman occurred in the Chongqing Jiahua tunnel in Chongqing, China. » 6/02/15 5:54pm 6/02/15 5:54pm

Tank Teaches Student Driver In Yaris A Valuable Driving Lesson

A student driver blindly pulled out in front of a column of British armor that was cruising along a hardened road in the Lippe district of Germany yesterday. A collision ensued and yes, you guessed it, the one ton Toyota Yaris lost the fight to the 60+ ton Challenger II Main Battle Tank in a big way. » 6/02/15 7:37am 6/02/15 7:37am

USS Arizona Memorial Reportedly Struck During Docking Op In Pearl Harbor

Reports are coming in that the USS Arizona Memorial was struck by the USNS Mercy while the massive hospital ship was attempting a docking operation in Pearl Harbor. It’s unclear if the hallowed site was hit by the ship, one of its tugs, or both and what kind of damage occurred, but eyewitness say they heard the ship… » 5/27/15 7:11pm 5/27/15 7:11pm

Missing U.S. Marine Helicopter Reportedly Found Wrecked In Nepal

The burned wreckage supposedly from the U.S. Marine Corps UH-1Y that went missing earlier in the week during earthquake relief operations in Nepal has been found on a mountainside east of Kathmandu. Nepal’s Defense Secretary Ishwori Paudyal stated three bodies have also been found near the site. » 5/15/15 9:17am 5/15/15 9:17am

Yesterday Was A Rough Day For American Air Power

Yesterday, a Super Hornet crashed on takeoff from the USS Theodore Roosevelt , a UH-1Y went missing during disaster relief operations in Nepal, a Cobra made an emergency landing in the LA River canal and the NAS Corpus Christi flight line was inundated with water. It was a rough Tuesday for America’s air forces. » 5/13/15 9:27am 5/13/15 9:27am

Polish Rally Drivers Don't Need No Stinking Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel fell of while you were driving, you’d probably pull over to the side of the road and wait for a truck to come and tow you to the nearest shop. But you are not a Polish rally driver. If you were, you wouldn’t give a crap if your steering wheel fell off. You’d keep going. » 5/11/15 9:42am 5/11/15 9:42am

Brand New Airbus A400M Atlas Cargo Plane Crashes In Spain

Airbus has confirmed that one of its A400M transports has crashed near Seville, Spain. The huge turboprop was on its first check flight after assembly and was scheduled to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force in June. Four out of six people onboard are confirmed dead, two others have been taken to the hospital with… » 5/09/15 7:38pm 5/09/15 7:38pm