New Ford Backup Camera Prevents You From Killing Neighbor's Dog &mdash Maybe

In no time you will be a towing master capable of buying and hauling all kinds of crap around town thanks to the optional rear-view camera system now available on a variety of Ford truck and sports-utility models. Backup cameras have existed in years past, but this one is a bit different. It displays the backup video… »12/10/07 6:15pm12/10/07 6:15pm

Down With Big Brother: Magical Mirror Sticks It To the Man

Our fraternal site that likes gadgets the way we love cars (i.e. more than girls) is reporting that a new GPS-powered mirror will help you avoid traffic cameras. The new GPS mirror – creatively called the "GPSmirror" – will also store and alert you to the location of red light cameras, construction zones, and hooker »5/16/07 5:00pm5/16/07 5:00pm