Gemballa Mirage GT, Now with Glitter

Gemballa's Mirage GT is just the thing for the Shikh who has everything. Seriously, everything. And that includes holdings in a glitter factory on the Ivory Coast. The paint on this particular specimen, one of 25 to be produced, either illustrates the possibilities for customization Gemballa offers, or reminds us that… » 10/04/07 9:58am 10/04/07 9:58am

Porsche Plutocracy: Test Driving the Gemballa Mirage GT

Sometimes we wish we were Jocke "Qvarnis" Qvarnström. Usually it's just for having a name with a Q and a V in it. This time it's for getting a crack at the 672 hp V10 Gemballa Mirage GT. His exploits made for an umlaut-heavy piece in Swedish mag StreetXtreme, but the video is up on the 'Tube for all to survey.… » 6/19/07 11:45am 6/19/07 11:45am

Try That with an Enzo: Gemballa Mirage GT

What makes some exotics tuneable, and others off limits? Though the Carrera GT is now just another discontinued hypersports car, like the Ferrari Enzo and Ford GT, those of means treat it like an amusement park. Unlike the Enzo, there's no shame in tweaking out a $400,000 Carrera GT to within an inch of its existence… » 12/19/06 7:33am 12/19/06 7:33am

Sheikh Your Moneymaker: Gemballa Mirage GT Concept for Sale in Dubai

And we didn't even known Porsche tuner Gemballa actually built the Mirage GT concept, which up to know only seemed to exist as a few static digitally enhanced images on the company's site. Now, it seems royals in Dubai, flush from their real estate and trade holdings, can grab a Mirage with both hands. The kitted-out… » 11/15/06 8:48am 11/15/06 8:48am