Knight Rider-Themed GPS System Gets Original Voice Of KITT

While Val Kilmer did a yeoman's job as the voice of KITT in the made-Ford-TV movie earlier this year, he still sucked compared to Will Arnett. And they both sucked compared to the crisp tones of the original voice of the F-bodied Trans Am, William Daniels. Luckily, he's the voice behind this new Mio GPS with a Knight… »6/20/08 5:00pm6/20/08 5:00pm

Finnish Fish-Slap: Mio GPS Has Trouble Finding France, Reverts To World War II-Era Map

Looks like Mio, the global GPS gurus, are having a bit of trouble with their website. All we're hoping is that it hasn't carried over into their brand of GPS in-car systems. If that's the case, as the picture above shows, they'll be proving the old axiom that Finland's the place you want to be — even if you're France.… »3/19/07 8:45am3/19/07 8:45am

An Orgasmic Explosion Of Directions: Gizmodo's GPS Gang Bang

Charlie White, from our brother gadget-loving site, recently went hands-on with four GPS units — the Cobra NavOne GPSM 4500, the Mio C710 DigiWalker, the Garmin StreetPilot c550 and lastly the Honda Civic Hybrid Factory-installed GPS Navigation System (yeah, we dunno why they tested that one too — maybe they should… »10/17/06 1:19pm10/17/06 1:19pm