Mio Joins The Cellphone-Enabled GPS Club

Recently passing through the ringer at the Federal Communications Commission was the Mio Moov 380. When Mio isn't putting tons of research and development funding into "vintage" GPS devices, the company is following Garmin, Magellan and Dash by integrating cellular abilities into GPS navigation devices. But the… » 6/27/08 2:30pm 6/27/08 2:30pm

Knight Rider-Themed GPS System Gets Original Voice Of KITT

While Val Kilmer did a yeoman's job as the voice of KITT in the made-Ford-TV movie earlier this year, he still sucked compared to Will Arnett. And they both sucked compared to the crisp tones of the original voice of the F-bodied Trans Am, William Daniels. Luckily, he's the voice behind this new Mio GPS with a Knight… » 6/20/08 5:00pm 6/20/08 5:00pm

Mio Moov Provides GPS, Only GPS

Mio is relatively new and unknown to the GPS scene with its Moov line of navigation units, but it is certainly coming in on a high note. Mio recently unveiled the Moov 200, 210, 300 and 310 navigation units. Most importantly to be noted is that Mio is dropping everything not relating to navigation from the units. So… » 3/25/08 4:30pm 3/25/08 4:30pm

Finnish Fish-Slap: Mio GPS Has Trouble Finding France, Reverts To World…

Looks like Mio, the global GPS gurus, are having a bit of trouble with their website. All we're hoping is that it hasn't carried over into their brand of GPS in-car systems. If that's the case, as the picture above shows, they'll be proving the old axiom that Finland's the place you want to be — even if you're France.… » 3/19/07 8:45am 3/19/07 8:45am

An Orgasmic Explosion Of Directions: Gizmodo's GPS Gang Bang

Charlie White, from our brother gadget-loving site, recently went hands-on with four GPS units — the Cobra NavOne GPSM 4500, the Mio C710 DigiWalker, the Garmin StreetPilot c550 and lastly the Honda Civic Hybrid Factory-installed GPS Navigation System (yeah, we dunno why they tested that one too — maybe they should… » 10/17/06 1:19pm 10/17/06 1:19pm