1962 Hillman Minx Down On The East Bay Street

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Digging into my vast backlog of DOTSBE cars for more interesting Brits. Howzabout a Minx? » 11/15/09 6:00pm 11/15/09 6:00pm

British Postwar Car Ads

Not long ago, one of the 24 Hours Of LeMons perpetrators gave me a big box of Autocar magazines from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Talk about your great British print car ads! » 8/08/09 4:00pm 8/08/09 4:00pm

Project Car Hell: Rotary Minx or Dearborn Barge?

Friday's Choose Your Eternity poll was won by the '71 Datsun 510 wagon, which beat the Gremlin (though not by an ass-whooping margin). Today we're going to go seriously low-buck, with a pair of projects available for a mere five Benjamins... or maybe even less, depending on the ruthlessness of your dealmaking chops...

» 7/30/07 5:30pm 7/30/07 5:30pm

26 All-Too-Tempting Basket Cases!

While Bumbeck's feverishly searching for sub-$1000 post-apocalyptic project cars on Craigslist LA, I do the same on the San Francisco CL listings. This listing has been around for a while; I suspect the slightly-steep prices are subject to negotiation by now. So far I haven't called the guy, in spite of the fact that… » 1/31/07 5:30pm 1/31/07 5:30pm