How Frank Lloyd Wright's futuristic gas station was the first Starbucks

The small town of Cloquet, Minnesota (pop: 11,000) is home to the gorgeous R.W. Lindholm Service Station, the only gas station design by Frank Lloyd Wright. But this was not just a place for pumping gas. This little two-floor car-centric building was to be the social and cultural center of the architect's vision of a… »8/31/11 2:30pm8/31/11 2:30pm

Searching For A Grim Minnesota Murder Movie Car? Simple Plan Volvo Amazon For Sale!

While you might not be able to afford Jerry Lundegaard's Olds Ciera »11/06/08 11:00am11/06/08 11:00am, wasn't the only downward-spiral Minnesota crime movie made in the 90s! That's right, the '66 Volvo 122S wagon driven by Bill Paxton's character in is up for sale on Craigslist! It's not running, so it's more of a Project Movie Car Hell machine than…

Unrusted Alfa Romeo 164L Heals The Sick, Restores Sight To The Blind In Minneapolis

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition »10/24/08 5:00pm10/24/08 5:00pm, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . With the we saw down on the Alameda street this morning, we might as look at a Alfa this afternoon? Why miraculous? Because 1991 Alfa Romeo 164L lives down on the Minneapolis street, a…

Unique Clause Gets Google Street View Banned From Minnesota Town

The wacky and crazy Google Street View vehicles that manage to capture all of the perfect moments have gotten themselves banned from a United States city, again (kind of). The town of North Oaks, a northeast community and suburb of Minneapolis has chased the Google cars away. They were able to do so because the roads… »6/02/08 5:00pm6/02/08 5:00pm