1955 Messerschmitt KR200: King Of The Tiny Road

Many of you appreciated the Seven non-Mini Mini Cars, but a few mentioned the lack of a Messerschmitt. Behold, the Messerschmitt KR200. » 7/22/09 3:00pm 7/22/09 3:00pm

Seven Classic Mini Cars That Aren't Mini Coopers

The dream of a small, affordable and fun mini car is as old as the dream of the automobile itself. The original Mini may be the most famous, but there are other sporty, convertible and even amphibious classic mini cars. » 7/21/09 12:00pm 7/21/09 12:00pm

BREAKING CARS! Minicars Perform Poorly In IIHS Crash Tests

This just in from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: Minicars like the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit and Smart ForTwo perform poorly in 40 MPH frontal oncoming crash tests. Also, water is wet. [Automotive News] » 4/14/09 8:30am 4/14/09 8:30am

The FabulousTiny Cars of Captain Martin

Sounding as much like a purveyor of alcohol as an automobile, Captain Martin, that's Captain James Vernon Martin to you buddy, was something of a fanatic about micro-cars and did his share of them in the early part of last century. His obsession saw the development of as many as six different tiny cars and the… » 4/22/08 4:45pm 4/22/08 4:45pm

Rehab Kenguru, The Roll In and Drive Away Wheelchair Car

Here's an idea. Instead of taking minivans, chopping them up and adding lifts and leaning mechanisms and custom controllers, why not just build a car for the wheelchair? This is the concept Hungarian company Rehab LTD. is pitching with this vehicle dubbed the Kenguru. The driver simply rolls into place, locks down the… » 3/13/08 5:00pm 3/13/08 5:00pm

DOTS Geneva: A Tiny Something Or Other

We have no idea what this is, but after the Peel Trident, this is probably the smallest street legal vehicle we've ever seen. And despite our best deciphering and sleuthing efforts, it remains unidentified. F-gobble-de-gook Tech was the best we could get out of it. How can someone get into this thing and feel fine… » 3/06/08 4:45pm 3/06/08 4:45pm

Another 500: New Ford Ka Spied

With the Fiat 500 getting all the media attention, accolades and kisses from Italian supermodels, we almost feel bad for the new Ford Ka. After all, the mini sister ship to the 500 will be a far less-fashionable progeny of the Ford-Fiat small-car alliance. The UK's Car says the Ka will arrive at the Paris Auto Show in… » 11/20/07 7:40am 11/20/07 7:40am

Report: New Toyota Minicar to Get Yamaha Motorcycle Engine

Make way for the anonymous sources bearing gifts. Automotive News reports Toyota will power its IQ microcar with an engine from Yamaha. That from unnamed company executives. Toyota's not volunteering any information on the powertrain selected for a production version of the minicar concept, which showed up in… » 10/16/07 7:13am 10/16/07 7:13am

New York Auto Show: Chevrolet's Minicars — Which One Should They Build?

We took a look at the three minicars Chevrolet unwrapped at the New York show: The Beat, Groove and Trax. All three are smaller than a jar of cornishons, but each one follows a distinctive style path. The Beat is a sporty hatch, not far from Chevy's WTCC concept; the Trax sports "active lifestyle" pretensions; and… » 4/06/07 11:24am 4/06/07 11:24am

Barcelona: Come For the Food, Stay for the World's Cutest Garbage Trucks

I don't know anything about this little cutey except that it sounded diesel. I do know that the super narrow yet well kempt streets of Barcelona demand mini-garbage trucks. Which to our way of thinking, makes these the very coolest garbage trucks of all. Plus, like, somebody (no doubt an Italian) actually took the… » 1/04/07 2:21am 1/04/07 2:21am

Get Shorty: The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

If the The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in Madison, Georgia doesn't house the most extensive collection of microcars from around the world, we'll sell our regular-sized car and drive around town in a 1958 Brutsch Rollera; or a 1955 Grataloup; or a 1957 Vespa 400; or a 1990 Honda Caren. The list goes on and on. » 10/28/05 3:07pm 10/28/05 3:07pm

Fiat Unveils Punto Grande Compact, Hopes for a Win

First, Fiat Group's fortunes were turned around by the liquidity brought by GM's $1.5 billion contract buyout. Now it's hoping for a big seller to pull the Fiat brand back from the brink. The Giugiaro-designed Punto Grande, which will go on sale in Italy this fall and in the UK early in 2006, is a "supermini," a… » 7/29/05 5:02pm 7/29/05 5:02pm

Subaru's Tiny R1, Now With an "I"

Japan is getting a tricked-out version of the Subaru keicar, the R1. By tricked out, we mean The R1i, as it'll be known, will actually be less trick than the base model. Yes, kids, it's another "value package," which substitutes a single overhead cam (SOHC) version for the R1's DOHC 0.66 liter motor. That would be… » 7/15/05 3:58pm 7/15/05 3:58pm