Over the Back Fence: BMW to Build New Isetta Minicar?

We're pretty sure there won't be a Hayabusa mill to perform miracles of speed. But the latest from the UK rumor mill is BMW's bringing back the Isetta, the popular econo-egg from the 1950s — created by Italy's Iso and popularized by BMW — that grabbed a generation of cosmopolitan Europeans by the lapels and screamed » 11/28/07 8:00am 11/28/07 8:00am

Frankfurt Auto Show: Brabus Ultimate 112 Smart Fortwo

Shrinking the t-top Pontiac Firebird concept down to a road hugging turbo minicar is the Brabus Smart Fortwo Cabrio. Touted as a true city sports car by the Smarts, the diminutive urban block carver features a searing orange paint job and cabrio top that folds away in seconds. The rest of the roof stows away in a back… » 9/12/07 12:30pm 9/12/07 12:30pm

Spy Photos: Ford Minicar to Be Verisa?

As Bob Pollard says, the popular mechanics are at it again. They've caught what looks to be a Mazda Verisa near Ford's headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Could Ford be planning to go quite this small for a potential B-segment entrant? As Popular Mechanics points out, the Verisa is only 150 inches long, which means it… » 4/23/07 12:01pm 4/23/07 12:01pm

New York Auto Show: Chevy Leverages The Sexual Appeal Of Faux…

Mmm...Chevy wants to bring SexyBack (Yeah!), and they've attempted to use faux hipsters to spice up the new trio of "urban" minicar concepts to do it. Whether or not it works is up to you, but hey, sex usually seems to sell — even when it's like we're watching Rent on stage at the Javits. If you want to find out anything … » 4/04/07 11:23am 4/04/07 11:23am

More on The Mitsuoka Motors K-4: One for the Do-It-Yourselfers

The Mitsuoka K-4 may be pedal-car small, but at least it's probably scary as hell to drive and you can put it together yourself. (Those are pretty serious selling points for some.) Although the K-4 is powered by 50cc engine and tops out at 30 mph, we'd still get one just to bang around the Jalopnik country estate in,… » 3/26/07 10:30am 3/26/07 10:30am

Cinquento Nuovo! New Fiat 500 Pics Arrive

According to our sources at Interpol, Fiat's revealing its new 500 minicar this week. As as such, early press shots have already leaked to the web. The new minicar, which takes its cues from the classic Cinquecento by way of the Fiat Trepiuno concept car of 2004, will hit dealerships in Europe later this year. The… » 3/20/07 5:50pm 3/20/07 5:50pm

VW Representing Intelligence, Not Playing Dumb on Smart Car Rival

Martin Winterkorn, the new boss at Volkswagen, told the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung that he had proposed the "design and development of a new, very small, model below the Fox." According to a translation from the folks at Car und Driver, the car will be an "economical, everyday small car that looks attractive… » 2/12/07 3:50pm 2/12/07 3:50pm

BOOM! Sha Lak Lak Boom! Daihatsu Minicar Got Some Ponies, Yo!

Well, relatively speaking anyway. 133 miniature stallions churn away in the engine bay of Daihatsu's BOOM X4, faces planted in turbocharged feed-bags. Routed through a 5-speed gearbox, the power goes down via an AWD system. Total weight? Less than a metric ton. The hoons are screaming, Clarice. [Thanks to James for the … » 3/13/06 7:00pm 3/13/06 7:00pm