Your Awesome Christmas Ornaments

If there's one thing to take away from the commercialized part of the holiday season, it's that Hot Wheels and Matchbox aren't the be-all and end-all of miniature cars. Just as trees are decorated to suit owners' tastes, cars have come out in ornament form to help with that. » 12/13/13 2:00pm 12/13/13 2:00pm

This Is What A Truly Small V8 Sounds Like

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to show us the smallest V8s ever made, and there were plenty of great answers. 3.8L, 3.0L, hell even a 2.6 motor made out of two Hayabusa engines. But none topped this, a 45 cubic centimeter masterwork – and it even sounds like a V8 should. » 10/13/13 2:09pm 10/13/13 2:09pm

This Steampunk Model Car Is Powered By A Beautiful 19th Century Air…

German medical and precision parts manufacturer Böhm just released two new model cars, both powered by an engine that's seriously old school — a Stirling air engine. Not only are they amazingly detailed, but these models can actually drive around, completely without electricity. » 2/15/12 2:00pm 2/15/12 2:00pm

World's Smallest Ferrari Key Fits Tiny Hand-Built Ferrari

We've just found the world's smallest Ferrari key. What's it ignite? How about one of the world's most excruciatingly detailed 1/8-scale miniature hand-built Ferrari F40s? Check out the mega-gallery of master craftsmanship below. » 7/22/09 2:30pm 7/22/09 2:30pm