What You Really Need In Your Minivan Is A Big Center Console

Minivans are all about practicality. They can look as glitzy or tough as they want, but ultimately big concessions to style are made for the sake of being the best people haulers. That's fine. But get used to getting out of the car if you're going to walk to the back of the van. » 4/14/14 10:00pm 4/14/14 10:00pm

I Saw Homer's Odyssey Performed In A Honda Odyssey On An LA Freeway

I really like seeing cars used in novel ways. So when I heard Machine Project was planning a performance of Homer's Odyssey in Honda's Odyssey, I was interested. The end result was striking, engaging, smelly, and disturbing in a fun way, and makes me appreciate the performance potential of minivans. » 7/22/13 10:08am 7/22/13 10:08am

Renault's Next Espace To Be Inspired By Failed Formulas

We get it, people hate minivans. No matter how practical, sensible or spacious minivans are, the uncool factor of them makes them repulsive to fashion-conscious parents looking to for a family shuttle. While it’s never been sold here, the Renault Espace has long been a standard bearer for practical people carriers… » 6/09/13 2:00pm 6/09/13 2:00pm

On the Origin of Automotive Taste: Wagon Lust and Nostalgia

The Plymouth Voyager. A 1995 model. Three rows of seats, a 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission, and an inline-four churning out a nice, round 100 horsepower. The lower end member of the trifecta of Chrysler minivans, the Voyager was never intended to turn heads. Unexciting and forgettable by design, with no… » 6/04/13 2:48pm 6/04/13 2:48pm