Semi Truck Drags Minivan For 16 Miles In Snowblind Nightmare Crash

A family in Michigan called 911 yesterday morning to relay about as horrifying a winter driving situation as I can imagine. They were trapped in their minivan, stuck onto the bumper of a semi truck that didn't know they were there. » 1/08/15 9:12am 1/08/15 9:12am

Was This GM Minivan The Greatest Letdown In Automotive History?

In the 1980s, Chrysler was eating GM's lunch when it came to the hot new segment of the day, Minivans. GM in its particularly 1980s hubris said they were developing a minivan that was going to blow its ChryslerCo rivals out of the water. That, uh, didn't happen. » 12/02/14 6:55pm 12/02/14 6:55pm

Your Kids Will Shit Their Squarepants For This Spongebob Minivan

Does this friendly-faced minivan give you the giggles? What are you, fucking nuts? I'd have to sleep the lights on for a week if I saw this rolling wall of terror in oncoming traffic. Go ahead and feed your kids to it though, they'll love every fucking second of it. » 11/18/14 5:26pm 11/18/14 5:26pm

The 2015 Toyota Sienna Saves a Family

The Toyota Sienna Helps You Scream At Your Horrible Kids

The swagger wagon returns with what is perhaps the most useful feature ever offered on a minivan: a microphone and speaker system that helps parents scream at their horrible children in the back. Genius! » 7/19/14 3:16pm 7/19/14 3:16pm

The Minivan Is Back

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place every weekday morning. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 5/27/14 9:18am 5/27/14 9:18am

Chrysler Will Build A Plug-In Hybrid Minivan That Gets 75 MPG

The new minivan that Chrysler talked so much about but never wanted to say which brand would get it is officially going to be an all-new Town & Country. It'll also get a plug-in hybrid version that gets a mic-dropping 75 mpg. Both versions debut in 2016. » 5/06/14 10:06am 5/06/14 10:06am

Nothing Sells A Minivan Like Gymnastic Burlesque Dancers And Liquor

"Hey, Collins, why don't you just get out of here and go to the 2015 Kia Sedona launch party. That should be low-key and keep you out of trouble for a few hours." Erroneous, erroneous on both accounts. » 4/18/14 12:30pm 4/18/14 12:30pm

What You Really Need In Your Minivan Is A Big Center Console

Minivans are all about practicality. They can look as glitzy or tough as they want, but ultimately big concessions to style are made for the sake of being the best people haulers. That's fine. But get used to getting out of the car if you're going to walk to the back of the van. » 4/14/14 10:00pm 4/14/14 10:00pm

What's The Sexiest Minivan?

Everyone thinks that minivans are punishment vehicles. Cars you buy when you've given up any sense of style, or hope, or creativity in the face of baby strollers and training wheels. Not so! » 4/14/14 11:45am 4/14/14 11:45am

Cops Find Tractor Inside Minivan (UPDATE: Did Not Go 120 MPH)

We were all pretty shocked about the Renault Espace minivan hauling a tractor across Spain at 120 MPH. I'm disappointed to say that report was half false, police clarified that a different vehicle was clocked at that speed earlier. But the van was indeed carrying a tractor. » 3/17/14 5:28pm 3/17/14 5:28pm

Watch Rescuers Pull A Family From A Minivan Driven Into The Ocean

After a pregnant woman drove herself and her three children into the ocean in Daytona Beach, Florida, rescuers sprang into action. Not only did they have to get four people out, they had to do it with the minivan bucking and swaying in the waves. This is both heartbreaking, and astonishing. » 3/05/14 1:23pm 3/05/14 1:23pm

Watch a TV show use a train to completely obliterate a car

Pure destruction. Top Gear wanted to see exactly what happens when a train smashes into a car stuck on the railroad tracks so they set up a test of their own: they put a minivan on the tracks and pummeled it with a speeding train. It gets pretty brutal. » 1/09/14 3:40pm 1/09/14 3:40pm

The Last Action Hero Toyota Previa: Most Badass Movie Minivan?

The Toyota Previa in Last Action Hero: it had a mid-mounted engine, not to mention a minigun. Could it be the most badass minivan in movie history? » 11/29/13 3:30pm 11/29/13 3:30pm