Sweden Gets Invaded By Its Allies As B-52s Mine The Baltic Sea

The military exercise BALTOPS 2015 is in full swing off and on the coast of Sweden, with a large-scale amphibious landing happening last weekend. Finnish, Swedish, British and American Marines all stormed the Swedish coastline in a joint manner, with multiple landing craft and air support assets bringing the fight to… »6/17/15 10:01am6/17/15 10:01am


These Autonomous Dump Trucks Let Mines Operate Around the Clock

As the pace of robotic integration into the modern workforce continues to increase, automatons are finding their way into an ever wider variety of industries. Already making an impact in the agricultural sector, automatons are now poised to perform the task of driving massive, house-sized mining trucks—a job once held… »11/13/13 5:15pm11/13/13 5:15pm

Mine's GT-R Runs 59.4sec Lap of Tsukuba, Coming To US?

No, I'm not saying that I personally have a Nissan GT-R. I'm talking about Mine's, the Japanese Tuner of Gran Turismo and Best Motoring fame. Recently, they brought their R35 GT-R with all the Mine's go-fast goodies to the Tsukuba Circuit to do some testing, and they left with a best lap of 59.367 seconds. To put this… »2/21/08 11:20am2/21/08 11:20am