Plutocrat-Enthusiasts Splurge On $390 Million In Cars At Monterey Car Week

Each year Monterey County is host to one of the most valuable automotive auctions in the market, with visitors from around the world funneling into a small beach in California to spend way too much money on the cars of their dreams. How much money? Damn near $400 million worth of cars!
» 8/18/15 7:05pm 8/18/15 7:05pm

Buy these cars, become a millionaire

Alright, fine. So you may actually have to be a millionaire to reasonably afford some of the metal on this list, but there's some attainable hardware here, too. For example, did you know the average transaction price for a 240Z has shot from $4,000 to $19,000 in nine years? Check out our list of seven cars that may‚Ķ » 3/05/14 1:33pm 3/05/14 1:33pm