The Man in the Van With a Bass in His Hand: Mike Watt Turns 50

Friend to Jalopnik, living punk rock legend (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Dos, The Stooges, etc), personal hero of mine and all around good guy, Mike Watt, is now 50 years old — damn! Even though our Pedro office shuttered its doors, we still keep our eyes and ears open for the latest Wattage. Above is a picture Davey G took… » 12/20/07 2:45pm 12/20/07 2:45pm

Bukowski and the Beetle

It's funny to us that one of the more enduring things associated with Charles Bukowski is his old Volkswagen Beetle, given the man's extra-manly reputation. This is not a photograph of his dash, but rather a 200mph speedo that a Herbie replica aficionado installed in his own '64. Then again, if we had Buk's Beetle,… » 6/08/07 8:30pm 6/08/07 8:30pm

What Makes a Man Smoke Tires? Gasoline, Petrol, Benzin or Benzina?

On the occasion of the day after D. Boon's birthday, and having had all manner of fuel scents drift in from the harbor over the last few days, we started wondering why what we yanks call "gasoline" has so many names around the world. The Germans refer to it as "Benzin," based on the fuel's benzene quotient. The… » 4/02/07 2:15pm 4/02/07 2:15pm

Pack a Lunch, Kids! It's the Toyota Picnic!

Maybe, just maybe, if Toyota had introduced the Picnic on these shores... Maybe just maybe, if they had introduced the Picnic on these shores twelve years earlier... And maybe, just maybe, if D. Boon had been riding in one instead of sleeping in the back of a van on a fateful December night in Arizona back in '85...… » 1/24/07 3:45pm 1/24/07 3:45pm

Jalopnik Weekend: Ten Best Driving Albums

We're blasting the Brawlers disk off Tom Waits's new audio triptych Orphans and we hear Tom cough out, "It's a big old Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors." Reflexively, instinctively, naturally we stabbed the go-pedal of this week's Dodge Nitro (super review potential — wait for it), causing the 4.0L V6 to… » 1/20/07 2:11am 1/20/07 2:11am

What the Hoot Page? Watt has Righteous Bro Blog 'Bout Hydrogen Stations…

And then it it all comes full circle... There's little we enjoy more than reading Watt's (increasingly) unique Pedro-speak concerning all things that exist in the form of Watt. But, given the "energy diversity" that all the big carmakers are struggling to achieve, well, this is time and place appropriate to us… » 1/13/07 1:37pm 1/13/07 1:37pm

David Johansen is Making Out With ParanoidAndroid07

We really thought the Loverman would nail this one, but apparently, commenter ParanoidAndroid07's taste in experimental rock ranges beyond mopey Brit-types and into at-all-costs San Pedro corndogs obsessed with politics, poetry and brevity. Here's the winning comment: "Because it is the Daihatsu Boon and has a D on… » 8/10/06 6:00pm 8/10/06 6:00pm

Plaid Retina: Weirdo Benzo in MBUSA Parking Lot

Is this a Burberry cross-promo car, or is Mercedes planning to give Mike Watt a free car so he can save gas money by not solely feeding his E-350's V10? We're hoping it's the latter. We wanna see this ridiculous thing around Pedro. [Spotted by reader Al in the Mercedes-Benz parking lot.] » 5/10/06 1:06am 5/10/06 1:06am

Hello From Pedro! Davey G. Returns

The prodigal West Coast blogger has returned after a week of Ann Arbor-outsourcing his posts to the the highly capable Mike Austin, whose deftness with a Bloom County reference knows fewer bounds than y'all could ever understand. I got lots of rest, drank plenty of fluids, and am back to proclaim May Day for all… » 5/01/06 2:38pm 5/01/06 2:38pm

Celebrity Struggle Buggies: Mike Watt's '05 E-350

Look, I' ll admit it, punk legend Mike Watt and his brand of Pedro-Speak have been a part of this site since the day I came aboard. Plus, like Watt, I' m a sucker for old California maritime towns. Combine that with my desire to have a garage, hardwood floors and not live in the ghetto for under a grand a month in a… » 12/12/05 9:43pm 12/12/05 9:43pm