See How This Team Actually Jumped A Big Rig Over A Speeding F1 Car

If you haven't seen the unbelievable feat of this semi truck with a trailer jump over a speeding F1 car, go watch it right now. Then check out this great behind-the-scenes clip and see how Mike Ryan broke the barrier of what looks possible. » 11/22/14 3:47pm 11/22/14 3:47pm

Mike Ryan Describes Driving His Semi-Truck Off A Cliff At Pikes Peak

Freightliner semi-truck racer Mike Ryan had a serious spill at Pikes Peak just a few days ago, with his race rig dropping down the edge of the road and into the woods. Here's what he has to say about it. » 6/29/14 10:58am 6/29/14 10:58am

Watch An Enormous Semi Do Its Best Ken Block Gymkhana Impression

Gymkhana is the highest form of driving art. But to really raise it to highbrow levels, no piddling Ford Fiesta will do. No, you need to do it in a 2,400 horsepower insanely drifting Freightliner. Mike Ryan, you are a genius. » 3/22/14 12:40pm 3/22/14 12:40pm

Subaru sets new fastest time up Mt. Washington

Driving a rally-prepped Subaru WRX STi, David Higgins shaved 30 seconds off the top time for the annual Mt. Washington Hill Climb on Sunday, reconnoitering the 7.6 mile circuit in 6 minutes, 11.54 seconds. Also in competition: Mike Ryan's hillclimbing, Gulf-liveried Frieghtliner, which you can briefly experience below. » 6/27/11 1:30pm 6/27/11 1:30pm

Who Says Big Rigs Can't Drift?

Hot Rod Magazine got 9 time Pikes Peak Class Champion and Pro Racer Mike Ryan and his Freightliner to the Toyota Speedway to prove there is at least one Big Rig that can drift. (Hat tip to autoedit!) » 12/19/10 2:00pm 12/19/10 2:00pm