Forget How You Use It - For Ford, It Actually Is The Size Of Your Bolt That Matters

We can't believe we missed this gem of an ad from FoMoCo featuring Mike Rowe. It's a continuation of the "Dirty Job" he's been doing for Ford shilling for the F-150 pickup truck. The man's already talked about five-star crash rating, the leaf springs and the boxed frame. But this ad's the first time Rowe's gotten down… »7/12/07 8:15am7/12/07 8:15am

Ad Watch: Mike Rowe Continues To Make Jokes, Shill For Ford Trucks

Mike Rowe continues his Dirty Job of shilling for Ford trucks in the newest ad from FoMoCo, which we think may be called "This Is Bill." Whatevs, it's actually a fairly entertaining ad talking up the NHTSA crash test ratings of the new F-150 and the truck's five-star crash rating. Not that they're picking on the… »5/02/07 2:00pm5/02/07 2:00pm