Ask Me Anything: Mike Austin Edition

Mike Austin's a former Jalopnik contributor, road test editor for the dearly-departed MPH magazine and is now the technical editor for Car and Driver — a small, artisanal publication focused exclusively on 0-to-60 times of cars. Ask him anything. » 1/11/11 3:15pm 1/11/11 3:15pm

Municipal Hoonage: 2007 Elgin Pelican P

The mighty Mike Austin, former of MPH as well as ours truly, now spends his time at the head of the class, long-lead testing such automotive n00bs as the Jaguar XF and Mitsubishi Evo X. Of course the key benefit to such a gig is getting on the horn to a supplier of municipal maintenance vehicles and barking something… » 11/15/07 10:45am 11/15/07 10:45am

Mike Austin Is Fast, Inc.

What do you get when you put a monkey, an old Mustang, our very own Mike Austin (of I Am Indy and Jalopnik Reviews fame), and Dan Pund, editor of the magazine-formerly-known-as-MPH on MTV's "Fast, Inc?" Simply put — destruction on a relatively epic level. We're actually not quite sure why a monkey is involved [dude,… » 7/13/06 11:06am 7/13/06 11:06am

I am Indy: Ride, Sammy, Ride!

Sam Hornish Jr. won the Indy 500, and here's how he ended up making Marco Andretti look like, well, a 19-year old rookie. He qualified first, but a seemingly un-passable Dan Wheldon dominated most of the race with Hornish sitting back around third. Then — distaster struck. During a late-race pit stop a fuel hose got… » 5/28/06 7:44pm 5/28/06 7:44pm

I Am Indy: Trying To Make Lance With Us, Leather

So we're told this is a really exciting race. Something about Michael Andretti leading his son and then his son passing the old man's ass and Hornish on both their asses. One of us is pretty excited about this, but the other one of us was too busy making sure the excited one was working hard — real hard — to try to… » 5/28/06 5:17pm 5/28/06 5:17pm

I Am Indy: Yes, We're Stuck In The Corporate Hospitality Suite With You

So here's our concept. I'm eating in the corporate hospitality suite — Austin's watchin' the race and I'm watchin' via Austin — all through the wonders of instant messenger. Here' s our convo: » 5/28/06 2:52pm 5/28/06 2:52pm

I Am Indy: Let's Get It Started, Hot!

So, we decided with two and a half hours to go its high time we quit the shenanigans and cover the race — so to start we're providin' a fun and nouveau way of dropping the "starting grid" — a term we just learned today — with pics from yesterday's parade. See, Chevy's like this big sponsor of Indy stuff — and they… » 5/28/06 11:30am 5/28/06 11:30am

I am Indy: Running 'Round the Brickyard

Here's a bit of Indy to keep y'all settled until we get an opportunity to get over to the track this morning. It answers the question held by motor and motor sports enthusiasts alike: What's the coolest job ever? Well, how about being the guy that makes regular cars into pace cars, like Gary Mulder does for… » 5/28/06 7:49am 5/28/06 7:49am

This Shit is Genius, They Are Indy, Etc.

So you know, Austin's all about the ladies forming a line to his left for makeouts and dudes forming a line to his right for hi-fives. Wert is all about tossing his dorkdom to the wind and wincing when it blows back in his face, then posting video of it anyway. Here we have video of Wert attempting to coerce Austin… » 5/27/06 10:26pm 5/27/06 10:26pm

I Am Indy: The Parade's The Thing, Part II — Ray's A Maniac, Maniac, In…

This is the part where Ray went crazy. And we don't mean the crazy like the crap we pulled earlier in the day. You see, being in a parade is much different than watching a parade. You have unimaginable powers. The whole crowd is watching you, and they're just waiting to be excited. I learned this when Ray hopped… » 5/27/06 9:05pm 5/27/06 9:05pm

I am Indy: The Parade's the Thing, Part 1 — Helio's The Man

One of the big events on Indy Weekend is the IPL 500 Festival Parade, and yeah, we were there. Actually we weren't just there we were in the parade. We might have even flashed a "You're with me, leather" Deadspin logo on ESPN. Someone needs to check the TiVo and get back to us, asap. Also, Ray is maniac. But we're… » 5/27/06 8:50pm 5/27/06 8:50pm

You're With Me, Feather

Wert and Austin are coming to ya live and correct from the capital of all things Hoosier — Indianapolis. We've made it to the hotel and have already been living high on the corporate hog. While walking back to the hotel from dinner, we ran into this fine feathered race fan, the Firestone Tires mascot, Firehawk —… » 5/26/06 10:46pm 5/26/06 10:46pm

I Am Indy: Paddle Me, Austin!

Apparently the trip down to Indy isn't just for booze, babes and blow — and Austin's hard at work testing out the capabilities of this curvaceous red Corvette. Although youll be able to read the review here next week, here's a video teaser we recorded just for your pleasure. In this installment, the sunglassed Mike… » 5/26/06 2:13pm 5/26/06 2:13pm

I Am Indy: Drive-Time For Us; Contest For You

Austin and I have our bags packed full of pork rinds, coors light and our good friend Jack — well, that's a lie — we actually finished our good friend Jack well before we packed up. But we'll bring Jack with us though, kind of like our own little mascot / friend / trainer to keep us company for the trip. It'll be … » 5/26/06 12:59pm 5/26/06 12:59pm

I Am Indy: Wert and Austin Cover Indy; Indy Runs In Terror

Have we got a treat for you. We're sending Mike Austin, of Davey-coverin' fame — and our very own Ray Wert on a mini Cannonball Run to Indy and back to cover the grandaddy of automotive whiplash, the Indy 500. Here's the better news — Mike's conned the General into dropping off a sweet ride for the trip — the… » 5/26/06 8:00am 5/26/06 8:00am

Mike Austin Fears Traffic, Not Zombies

Mike Austin once told us that he envies us because we can work pantsless if we want. (Note, we are currently wearing pants. Y'all can stop salivating. Or cowering. Whichever.) We envy Austin's access to junkets, expense accounts and the freshest iron. But the boy's got something cooking besides conning Alterman to… » 3/30/06 5:31am 3/30/06 5:31am