Another Show, Another Mitsubishi i MiEV Electric

The electric Mitsubishi electric i MIEV continues to evolve and this year it is no different at the New York Auto Show. The i MIEV has made some changes since our last visit with the concept. Now MIEV means Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle, rather than Mitsubishi In-Wheel Electric Vehicle. This concept has a 16… » 3/20/08 10:49am 3/20/08 10:49am

Tokyo Auto Show: Mitsubishi i MIEV Sport

Mitsubishi released more images of its i MIEV Sport concept, the semi-teardrop shaped minicar that show off its prototypical in-wheel electric vehicle platform. For Mitsu, it's the latest in a string of in-wheel EV concepts, each demonstrating the system's application in a specific segment — like compacts, vans. This… » 9/10/07 11:45am 9/10/07 11:45am

Mitsubishi Reveals Concepts for Tokyo Show

Mitsubishi says two new concept cars will hit Tokyo for the big motor show next month. One shows off its continuing work on wheel-hub MIEV electric vehicles, the other its emerging design language, diesel tech and driver-assistance functions. The i MIEV sport (shown) adds a pinch of sporting dynamics to the company's… » 9/07/07 8:30am 9/07/07 8:30am

Mitsubishi Working up Electric Car for US Market

Rumors that Mitsubishi's been planning a foray into the electric car business have been on the lips of car watchers for months. Now, Automotive News reports the company will soon divulge plans to sell an EV subcompact, powered by a lithium-ion battery, in the US. Mitsu president Osamu "Sparks" Masuko says the car… » 10/09/06 10:20am 10/09/06 10:20am

Mitsubishi's Latest MIEV: Concept-EV Urban Capsule

Mitsubishi's latest MIEV (Mitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle) concept, part of the company's long-term study of putting cars' (electric) power at the wheel, had its close-up in Geneva. Designed by Mitsubishi Design Europe (MDE), the Concept-EZ was derived as an "Urban Capsule" (escape pod?) and although it… » 2/28/06 4:18pm 2/28/06 4:18pm

Mitsubishi's Latest MIEV: Concept-CT in Detroit

Mitsubishi's Concept-CT further extends Mitsu's MIEV (that's Mitsubishi In-wheel Electric Vehicle) methodology by one, stylized minicar. Sporting the company's recently developed system of electric motors, the CT is a hybrid that also gets power from a 1.0 liter three-cylinder gasoline engine. A Mitsubishi official… » 1/10/06 5:42pm 1/10/06 5:42pm

New Mitsubishi Concept May Hearken Hybrid, Compact for US Market

AutoWeek is reporting Mitsubishi may sell a hybrid-drive car in the US that's smaller than its Lancer, and it may look a lot like the Concept-CT MIEV it plans to unveil in Detroit. According to the company, the CT prototype is an all-wheel-drive four-door, powered by a 1.1-liter gas engine and its MIEV-style electric… » 12/19/05 11:36am 12/19/05 11:36am

Mitsubishi to Unveil 2007 Eclipse Spyder, New MIEV Concept in Detroit

Mitsubishi released advance sketches today of its 2007 Eclipse and a new, small electric-car concept that it will reveal at the Detroit auto show in January. The Spyderized version of the Eclipse coupe, redesigned for 2005 appears to resolve some of the coupe's design tension — with a top-down look that's more… » 12/05/05 7:04am 12/05/05 7:04am