Man Trades In $1.6 Million Bugatti Veyron For Corvette ZR1, Doesn't…

A Texas Chevy dealer just accepted the trade-in of a red-on-black $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron for a $100,000 Corvette ZR1. We knew the fiercest of all 'Vettes was a world-beater, but this is ridiculous! Exclusive photos, details below. UPDATE! » 2/23/10 1:00pm 2/23/10 1:00pm

The House of Orange: Spyker Reveals F1 Livery

Yesterday at Silverstone, the flying Dutchteam, Spyker MF1, revealed the Formula One livery for its M16 racers. The scheme will combine The Netherlands' national color of orange with Spyker's adopted silver. The colors will fly on October 1st, when the team takes over where Midland left off at the Chinese Grand Prix.… » 9/20/06 8:33am 9/20/06 8:33am

Spyker Officially Goes Formula Onenning

As if the prior press release hadn't basically made it a sure shot, Spyker has announced their purchase of the Midland Formula One operation, which, if you hadn't been paying attention (and we kind of don't blame you), used to be Jordan. So now Victor Muller and Michiel Mol are taking on Bernie's group of… » 9/10/06 11:50pm 9/10/06 11:50pm

Spyker Angling to Buy Midland F1 Team

This week's Formula One intrigue involved a rumor the Midland F1 team was preparing for a sale. Overnight, Spyker Cars released the following statement:
» 8/28/06 7:20am 8/28/06 7:20am