1979 MG Midget and vintage skateboarders create "a moving experience"

What has four wheels and reflexes so quick it almost seems alive? The MG Midget of course. During the model's final year of production British Leyland decided to pair up the still clean cut and color coordinated sport of skateboarding with their not long for the world and mostly outdated MG Midget to create this… »5/21/11 9:00am5/21/11 9:00am


1975 MG Midget Will Serve As A Light Snack For The Crusher

Even though the black-bumper Midget was a cruel parody of the ridiculously fun pre-Malaise version, it's still saddening to see one among all the Hyundai Excels and Geo Prizms in my local self-service wrecking yard. This one has the dusty, bleached look of a car that spent a decade or three rotting in a back yard… »10/27/08 3:00pm10/27/08 3:00pm

Project Car Hell, Bad Photo Edition: Midget or Sonett?

So we had another near-tie in yesterday's DKW-versus-Fairlady Choose Your Eternity poll, which may be partially attributable to the hard-to-decipher photos in each vehicle's listing. If you can't see the whole car, you can't tell how hellish and/or cool it really is, right? However, those photos were bad just because… »11/13/07 5:30pm11/13/07 5:30pm

More on Project Kimber: New MG "Midget" Could Arrive Next Year

The latest high-profile group of investors and industry executives aiming to revive a failed British marque, the UK's Kimber group, plans to have its first car ready by early 2007, according to AutoWeek. That car, a version of the discontinued Smart roadster, will wear the MG brand founded by Cecil Kimber in 1924 and… »3/21/06 7:37am3/21/06 7:37am