IndyCar Driver Gets Flipped Off Like A Prius Hogging Two Lanes

You’d expect these gestures to be made at a slow Prius straddling two lanes—not an IndyCar. Ed Carpenter was not happy with IndyCar competitor Sage Karam after the Iowa Corn 300. Not happy at all. In fact, Carpenter was so mad at Karam that he shot over a single-fingered salute and then confronted him after the race.
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Yes, this Google Street View Driver really did flip me the bird

Because the Internet is full of people anxious to prove or disprove events, even those supported by photographic evidence, we're following up on our earlier report about a Google Street View driver with an active middle finger. The guys who took the photo claim it's real and are peeved the Internet doesn't believe… »10/13/11 5:30pm10/13/11 5:30pm