Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! Hyundai Veracruz Reveal this Week

I'm assuming the graphic to the left, which appeared on Hyundai's pre-launch microsite for its new Veracruz crossover, means the official unveiling is tomorrow, October 12. And the company is apparently scheming to build an updated version of the Chevy Luv pickup of the 1970s, or could be appropriating Chevrolet's… »10/11/06 7:04am10/11/06 7:04am


Audi Launches 2007 TT Microsite; Unveiling Next Month

Those sneaks at Audi launched a microsite to promote the wired launch of the 2007 TT. Spurning Geneva and pre-empting Paris, the company will unveil the TT coupe online on April 6 — just ahead of the New York Auto Show, which starts the following week. The microsite offers a PC-executable screensaver and lets those… »3/08/06 6:53am3/08/06 6:53am