The Sado 550 Is A Fantastically Weird Car You've Never Heard Of

I’ve been on a sort of weird Brazilian car kick for a while, so I suppose it makes sense that at some point I’d look across the ocean to the place that’s England to Brazil’s USA: Portugal. A Portuguese reader named Paulo actually emailed me to let me know that there’s plenty of good, weird Portuguese iron, like the… » 7/10/15 1:20pm 7/10/15 1:20pm

Toyota iQ Spotted, Gary Sinise Hiding In Back Seat?

With gas prices the way they are, everyone's thinking about getting a car that's smart. But not everyone likes the Smart. So, for those seeking a Japanese alternative to Europe's favorite sub-subcompact, the super number one best awesome automaker from the Land of the Rising Sun has got just the car for you. These… » 6/09/08 1:20pm 6/09/08 1:20pm

Project Car Hell, 1958 Edition: Mercury Commuter or Vespa 400?

Yesterday's all-Corvette Choose Your Eternity poll resulted in the '68 just barely edging out the '69, no doubt due to the Jimi Hendrix connection. Now it's time to try a different type of theme; we haven't yet seen a selection of cars based on a model year alone, so today we're going with two vastly different- yet… » 2/14/08 5:00pm 2/14/08 5:00pm

Toyota iQ To Become Reality, Debut At Geneva Motor Show

Toyota is finally getting smart by getting Smart. The Toyota iQ Concept from Frankfurt will show up at the Geneva Motor Show as a fully capable production vehicle that will be a "break-through in compact urban transportation." And by a break-through they mean a Japanese version of the Smart (see the name). The last… » 2/13/08 10:00am 2/13/08 10:00am

DOTS Germany: Supermini Substop Delivery Truck

Job one when we made our way into Bamberg on the first day was to replace the anemic and poorly appointed Mercedes B-Class rental (seriously, how does that thing wear a star?) with a far more capable and comfortable Audi A4 mit 2.0 TDi. While we were on this mission, we came across this spectacular beauty. Making … » 12/24/07 3:30pm 12/24/07 3:30pm

Project Car Hell: Lotus Eclat or 3 Bianchis?

After a pair of close ones, we finally had a decisive victory in our last Choose Your Eternity poll, with the Taurus SHO using its Yamaha power to roar to victory over the SRT-Faux by a 70/30 margin. We're not surprised by that, but we don't have the foggiest idea who should be considered the favorite in today's… » 12/12/07 5:30pm 12/12/07 5:30pm

What Might Have Been: Ford Fiesta Corrida

I picked up a copy of Let's Call It Fiesta at my local used bookstore the other day and found it a fairly interesting, if PR-esque, read. It turns out that Ford had an idea they might make a sporty car out of the Fiesta, one that wouldn't look out of place parked next to a row of Simca Bagheeras: Corrida! Since the… » 10/01/07 11:30am 10/01/07 11:30am

House of Honda 600: Merciless Mings Revealed

The first time I saw a Honda 600 was likely many years ago. So many years ago that I don't remember. A few years back a for sale sign in the window of a nearby AN600 sedan reintroduced the little Honda back into the mental queue of cars. In that same window was a small sticker that said Merciless Mings. While at the… » 6/22/07 3:30pm 6/22/07 3:30pm