Meet The Boonie Bug, The DIY Van At Home In The Wild Or On Mars

When Jalopnik’s worker-restraint pods place me in the weekly 15 minute “success daydream” cycle, I sometimes imagine myself arriving at a red carpet to receive some manner of award — but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the car that pulls up and drops me off. For many, it’s a limo. For me, usually, it’s a Boonie… »6/02/15 12:04pm6/02/15 12:04pm


These High-Contrast Prints Of Classic Cars Are Dark And Striking

Sabrina Chun emailed us because, really, she likes cars. As a result of all her car-liking, she's employed her considerable talents to making a series of dramatic, high-contrast prints of some culturally significant cars, including the Porsche 911, Shelby Cobra, Volkswagen Microbus, and the Back to the Future DeLorean. »4/02/13 1:30pm4/02/13 1:30pm

Weird Home-Built VW Something Is Like The Vehicle That Inspired The Microbus

When my valet came by with the big stack of printouts of my emails (that's the only way I read them — he also types in all my articles from my recordings on an old reel-to-reel tape deck) I almost slapped him with delight at seeing the pictures of the weird homebuilt car Jalopnik reader Tom M sent us. Eventually, I… »1/10/13 3:00pm1/10/13 3:00pm

More on the Microbus: Volkswagen Van Concept On Video, Circa 2001

"So we had this idea." The idea was to trot out the most nauseating display of youth baiting this side of a Scion ad in Second Life. The year was 2001, and Volkswagen had just rolled out its Microbus concept. Clinging to the last strand of dot-com optimism like a vine over quicksand, VW produced this video, which it… »10/22/07 10:00am10/22/07 10:00am

Who Are You? VW, Pete Townsend to Team Up on New Minivan Marketing

It's a match made somewhere on the Hamburg circuit, circa 1963. The Who's beak-schnozed, windmilling wonder Pete Townsend and Volkswagen, says the UK's AutoExpress, will team up on marketing V-dub's new bus, the long-awaited production successor to the 2001 Microbus concept. Expect to be regaled with The Who's "Magic… »10/22/07 8:14am10/22/07 8:14am

A New Old Bus: Volkswagen Updates a 1964 Microbus with Gadgets

From the outside, the Chameleon concept looks like a pristine, classic 1964 Volkswagen bus. On the inside, it's a complete technology showcase created by Volkswagen of America's Electronics Research Lab in Palo Alto. The drivetrain is all electric, powered by lithium polymer batteries — those surfboards on the roof… »9/26/06 1:53pm9/26/06 1:53pm