New York Times Takes Bill Vlasic for a Ride as New Detroit Chief

Looks like there'll be a new sheriff in town for the New York Times. The Old Grey Lady's gone and stolen Bill Vlasic, veteran of many a Detroit automotive battle, from the Detroit News to act as their new whipping boy Detroit bureau chief. If you'll remember, Vlasic penned the classic story of the famed "merger of… » 12/27/07 5:01pm 12/27/07 5:01pm

Learn All About The Chrysler Sale On Your iPhone

The most recent AT&T-Apple ad for the iPhone shows just how much iPhone users are ready and waiting to care about the sale of the former 'merican side of the German-American hybrid — if only given the opportunity. The new über-phone is shown running through such fundamentals as "how to turn it on", how to listen to… » 6/04/07 1:00pm 6/04/07 1:00pm

New York Times Drives Toyota Tundra, Falls Flat On Face

Now don't get us wrong — we love it when we get the opportunity to tweak the Old Grey Lady once in a while, especially when they forget things like checking the weather report (as opposed to the weather forecast) or revamp their efforts in the brave new world that is the blogosphere. But it's hard for us to make fun… » 5/09/07 3:30pm 5/09/07 3:30pm

Breaking! Ford's Way Forward 2.0: The Markets And The New York Times Wait For No Man Or Mulally

Despite the completion of today's FoMoCo board meeting, there's no official word yet from the Dearborn-based- and-still-Number-2 automaker on version 2.0 of the company's Maotastic Way Forward plan. The automaker's instead got a press conference planned for early tomorrow morning (issuing a release at the ungodly… » 9/14/06 3:12pm 9/14/06 3:12pm

Line 'Em Up! Round I Of The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game

Alright boys n' girls — time to drop your cocks and pick up your socks for the first round of the "Official Car Pundit Drinking Game" For those of you who don't remember the debauchery, a friendly commenter used Wert's recent appearance on CNBC's "On The Money" and created a simple but epic game of drinks. Well,… » 7/25/06 5:48pm 7/25/06 5:48pm