Tremor to Pace NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Mich Nat'l Guard 200

The first EcoBoost®-powered sport truck, which Ford has dubbed Tremor, will pace the August 17th NASCAR Truck Race at the Michigan International Speedway. Jalopnik's Patrick George wrote up the story on the truck. For more detailed information on the truck itself take a look at his piece. » 8/12/13 1:27pm 8/12/13 1:27pm

Five Cool Things We Learned About NASCAR This Weekend

Ford Racing invited Los Jalops on a NASCAR immersion trip this past Friday. At first we were skeptical, considering the big oval hasn't traditionally been our beat, but we've never been ones to shy away from bringing you the gift of knowledge, particularly when the odor of burning Sunoco 260 is involved. Since Wert's… » 6/17/08 1:00pm 6/17/08 1:00pm