Cleveland School Bus Crash Story Gets Even Better

We'd feel bad having so much fun with the story of the Cleveland school bus crash if anyone was seriously hurt, but seeing as how everyone was okay we're going to enjoy the 15 ways this is funny. Both the limo company and the school are denying hiring driver Michael Weir. Why? We already told you he's got a criminal… »4/09/08 3:45pm4/09/08 3:45pm

Children Bail Out Of Runaway School Bus While Driver Takes A Leak

Taking a page out of Otto's playbook, a school bus driver in Cleveland abandoned his vehicle to fill her up with diesel and hit the head. And why aren't you supposed to leave a school bus when it's full of kids? Because of what happened next. While the driver was doing his business the bus rolled out of the gas… »4/08/08 1:30pm4/08/08 1:30pm