Michael Waltrip Handed Biggest NASCAR Sanction Ever, We Don Rocket Scientist Hats

There's more news from Daytona, as the closed-cockpit 'merican rubbin' is racin' league has levied what would seem to be some pretty serious sanctions against Michael Waltrip over the "undetermined substance" in the engine manifold of his #55 Toyota car before qualifying runs at Daytona on Sunday. In fact, the… »2/15/07 11:07am2/15/07 11:07am

Oh What A Not Good Feeling! Underwhelming Michael Waltrip Sees Toyota Impounded Due To "Potential Cheating Scandal"

The first potential ToMoCo slight of the day involved the website, but the second's coming directly from NASCAR officials track-side. Michael Waltrip's being accused of potentially using "an undetermined substance in the intake manifold" of his bright and shiny new Toyota by officials during normal… »2/11/07 8:39pm2/11/07 8:39pm