NBC Picks Up Knight Rider For Full Season; Also, Here's A Massive Car Pulverizer

Terrible news everyone! NBC liked what they saw in the scripts they ordered »10/21/08 5:00pm10/21/08 5:00pm and have succumbed to the powers of the Dark Side, calling for an additional nine-episode set of . The result will be a complete season of awful green-screen effects, lackluster writing, unimaginative story arcs and blatant male demographic…

Michael, I Do Believe We're Featured in a "Blog": More Than You Needed to Know About "Knight Rider"

Frankly, we don't really know how Knight Rider ever snowed us as kids. We remember those early TV spots where KITT smoked a '69 Dodge Charger painted orange with a not-so-subtle "00" painted on the doors. But c'mon, really, an RB-powered Charger or a smog-choked 305 motivated Trans-Am? If KITT werereally powered by a… »7/29/05 11:55am7/29/05 11:55am