How To Race A Pro Mazda Without Using Your Legs

How do you race without the use of your legs? Pro Mazda racer Michael Johnson started racing motorcycles when he was four, but was forced to change plans after a dirt track accident left him paralyzed below the waist. Now he’s the first and only paralyzed racer licensed by IndyCar, and here’s how he drives his car.
»5/21/15 10:36am5/21/15 10:36am


How A Track Star Helped An F1 Team Make Pitstops Faster

In 2011, Williams finished ninth in the Formula One Constructors’ Championship, their worst result since 1978. Two months before the new season kicks off, the team have unveiled a rather unorthodox aspect of their efforts to return to their glory days in the ’90s: they’ve hired ’90s track god Michael Johnson to train… »1/20/12 12:00pm1/20/12 12:00pm