Bloomberg Creates "No-Car Zone" In Manhattan, Reveals Anti-Auto War Of Aggression

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has announced a plan to create a car-free zone along a 6.9-mile stretch of Manhattan streets on three Saturdays during the month of August. The experimental initiative, which the Mayor has dubbed "Summer Streets," stretches from 72nd street, taking a jog over to Fourth Avenue at 14th… » 6/19/08 5:20pm 6/19/08 5:20pm

NYC Mayor to Order Hack Fleet Hybridized by 2012

New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on a roll, and we don't mean onion. Last month he proposed a plan that would charge New Yorkers a congestion tax for driving into Manhattan. This week, CNN reports hizzoner will order the commissioner of the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission to start a replacement cycle that… » 5/22/07 10:38am 5/22/07 10:38am