News Helicopter Catches Ferris Bueller-Wannabes Abusing Valet-Parked…

Once again proving that Florida is a terrible place to own a car, a local news crew busted a local parking lot owner who took a customer's Corvette and treated it like his own plaything for a couple of days. They even used a helicopter to track the guy because no real news happens in Orlando, apparently. » 5/01/12 4:00pm 5/01/12 4:00pm

Miami Wasted $4 Million On Hundreds Of Cars That Sat In A Parking…

For six years, about 300 hybrid vehicles slated for Miami-Dade municipal service sat unused in a Miami parking garage. The $4 million fleet of low-emission cars, trucks and vans produced absolutely no emissions as they sat unused, although more than 125 cars have entered service since South Florida's el Nuevo Herald » 4/23/12 3:00pm 4/23/12 3:00pm

Valet Crashes Maserati Under Jeep And Into $200,000 Porsche [VIDEO]

We just received this photo of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, apparently driven by a valet, that managed to vault itself over a Mini and into a Maserati GranTurismo and a vintage Porsche 356 just minutes ago. No one was hurt, but there could be damage to $400,000 worth of cars depending on the specifics of the Porsche. » 4/14/12 12:59am 4/14/12 12:59am

Cops in Florida ready to fight each other over traffic stop

A war is brewing in South Florida, but don't look to the police to protect you. They're the ones who are fighting. Members of the Miami-Dade Police Department aren't taking kindly to having one of their own arrested at gunpoint by a State Trooper and now the threats and insults are flying. » 11/03/11 4:30pm 11/03/11 4:30pm

Have A Wedding In This Gorgeous Parking Garage

The New York Times also discovered the incredible $65 million wall-free Miami parking garage we showed you last summer. Although it's not the most gorgeous garage of all time — like this one — it's still being used for weddings. » 1/24/11 9:00am 1/24/11 9:00am

Exploding Bullets Cause Bomb Scare At Miami Airport

A man has been arrested at Miami's airport after FBI and TSA officials said his luggage contained volatile gun parts, which caused his bag to explode Tuesday just before it was about to be loaded on a plane. Maybe he was just trying to pull a Speedy Gonzalez, and give the plane rocket boosters. Yeah, probably not. Plus … » 12/28/10 5:20pm 12/28/10 5:20pm

Motoring, What's Your Price for Fleeting Fame? Interactive Mini…

When we were in San Francisco over the New Year, we noticed a Mini billboard on 80 eastbound just before the bridge with a digital readout that displayed various slogans. It turns out that the Anglo-Bavarian small-car brand has bigger plans afoot for said signs, which are currently up in Chicago, New York, Miami and… » 1/10/07 9:30pm 1/10/07 9:30pm

Taking the Dorks to Get Laid: Will an Exotic Car Close the Deal

The guys at MPH, always looking out for those whose prospects with the ladies are far from assured, pose the question in this month's issue (and on the Web): Can A Car Get A Dork Laid? Our own extensive research in this department, which involved driving around Yonkers in a 1973 Buick Century sedan for most of the late … » 2/13/06 3:25pm 2/13/06 3:25pm