Watch The Harrowing Video Report On The Missile That Shot Down MH17

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed into eastern Ukraine more than a year ago. From the very beginning, it was fairly obvious that it was shot down by some sort of ground-launched missile, and it was likely a Russian-supplied type known as an SA-11“Buk.” The Dutch Safety Board, which was investigating the incident,… »10/13/15 4:56pm10/13/15 4:56pm


Initial Investigation Shows MH17 Was Asked To Fly Higher

Dutch aviation investigators have released their initial findings on the Malaysia Airlines flight 17 crash, which occurred on July 17th and claimed 298 lives. The report confirmed the plane was shot down, but it also showed the pilots were asked to climb to 35,000 feet and denied the request from Air Traffic Control. »9/10/14 12:34pm9/10/14 12:34pm

Malaysia Airlines Is Hemorrhaging Money, Flying Nearly Empty Planes

Malaysia Airlines is still flying through turbulent skies, and reeling from two tragic plane crashes within a span of only 4.5 months. Amid investigations of both crashes and talks of privatization, its own passengers are sharing evidence of how the airline is failing to attract business. »8/26/14 4:06pm8/26/14 4:06pm

Missile Defense On Planes? Congress Says Yes, Airlines Say No

After the tragic take-down of a Malaysia Airlines flight 17 on Thursday by a surface to air missile, some members of congress have already suggested the implementation of missile defense systems on commercial airliners. However, at least one airline executive has already balked at the notion. »7/21/14 8:44am7/21/14 8:44am

"Meanwhile, this is a huge failure for GRU [Russian military intelligence], the FSB [the secret

"Meanwhile, this is a huge failure for GRU [Russian military intelligence], the FSB [the secret police] and the special forces. What kind of people are not capable of distinguishing a Malaysian airliner in the sky? It would not be surprising if the people involved were drunk. So heads will likely roll in the security…

»7/19/14 9:19am7/19/14 9:19am

Ukraine Rebels Stole Same Type Of Missiles That May Have Taken Down MH17

From Foxtrot Alpha: It seems clear that the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile defense regiment A-1402 was overran and looted by pro-Russian forces on June 29th. This unit operated the SA-11/17 "Buk" medium-range mobile air defense system, an advanced decedent of the SA-6, that is thought to have been used in the MH17… »7/17/14 4:16pm7/17/14 4:16pm

Could Russian Or Pro-Russian Forces Have Shot Down MH17?

In horrific news, Malaysia Air flight 17, a Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed after being shot down. People are suggesting it could have been shot down either by Russia's built-up air defense apparatus along its border with Ukraine or by pro-Russian separatists with a mobile radar-guided SAM… »7/17/14 1:49pm7/17/14 1:49pm