What's Next? Nanjing MG-Rover Brochure

What's Nanjing's plan to revive MG-Rover? According to an online brochure, it may entail a new version of the erstwhile Rover RDX60 crossover concept. It may also entail one of the scariest looking designs (above) since the sand worms in "Dune." Anyone have a cure for goosebumps? Oh yeah, looking at old British… » 2/16/07 12:15pm 2/16/07 12:15pm

Return of Morris! Longbridge to Resume Building MG-TF

Good news for the UK auto industry — or at least part of it. Nanjing Automobile, the Chinese carbakery that snapped up most of MG Rover Group's assets, says it's re-starting production of MG cars at the company's Longbridge plant in the UK by mid-2007. The plant's been idle for nearly two years as MG Rover ownership… » 1/31/07 10:41am 1/31/07 10:41am

Duke Hale Says: Never Mind Nanjing, MG to Be Built in the US

The Nanjing-Oklahoma Saga sounds could be an epic novel about the railroad building in the old west, and the name of Duke T. Hale fits someone who might be hiding a pickaxe under his ten-gallon hat. Of course, Hale, president and CEO of the newly formed MG Cars North America/Europe, is actually an auto industry… » 8/16/06 9:57am 8/16/06 9:57am

It's Not OK: Nanjing Downplays Oklahoma Production Plans

Not so fast, Okies! That's the word from China's Nanjing Motors, new owner of MG-Rover. Last week, word came down that the company is reportedly planning a factory in Oklahoma to build new MG sports cars for the states, with the first models coming in two years. But at the British Motor Show, the company distanced… » 7/19/06 12:19pm 7/19/06 12:19pm

MG's Sports Division Surviving After Collapse

Autocar is reporting that MG Sport & Racing, once the performance division of MG Rover, has been selling Ford 4.6-liter V8-powered MG SVs to the tune of around $900,000 — for a profit of more than $200,000. Not bad for the son of a corpse. The company, which was not included in the sale of MG Rover to China's Naniing… » 11/18/05 10:49am 11/18/05 10:49am