Holy Cow, Another Crazy Meteor Caught on Russian Dashcam

Last night, yet another eye-searing blue meteor screamed across the dark Russian sky. Lucky for us, Russia is the land of dashcams, meaning that yet again, we get a driver's seat view of the phenomenon. How do you say "wow" in Russian? » 4/19/14 11:31am 4/19/14 11:31am

Here's the First Photo of the Big Meteoroid that Crashed in Russia

Here's your first look at what scientists think is the biggest chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteor, which crash-landed in the Chebarkul Lake in February, injuring as many as 950 people. "They weighed it using a giant steelyard balance," the AP tells us, "which displayed 570 kilograms (1,256 pounds) before it broke." [… » 10/16/13 3:14pm 10/16/13 3:14pm

NASA Will Stream the Perseid Meteor Shower Live Until 3AM Tonight

Everyone’s favorite meteor shower, the Perseids, are expected to hit their dazzling peak over North America within the next two or three days. And even if you're surrounded by city lights, you'll have a front row seat. Tonight, NASA is streaming its first Perseid webcast, replete with cosmic debris, sky fireballs,… » 8/10/13 6:26pm 8/10/13 6:26pm