New Study Confirms Car Exhaust Increases Lightning Strikes

A new study reveals car exhaust clouds attract lightning and actually increase the frequency of strikes. Metallica approves. » 2/05/09 10:30am 2/05/09 10:30am

Enter Sandman: The Metallica License Plate Rules!

The LA area spawned the metallic metal band, so we guess it makes sense you'd find this here. Also yes, we'd have to agree — it's probably the most metal license plate we've yet to see out of LA, or any other area for that matter. At least until someone comes up with a MegadetH one. It's just too bad it's on a… » 3/13/07 8:27am 3/13/07 8:27am

Cole Foster: The Man, The Myth, The Hair

While out in California over the weekend, we popped down to Salinas a town whose main claims to fame are John Steinbeck and a line in a song from Rancid's second album to check in with our man Cole Foster. Having grown up around Top Fuel guys (the Snake and the Mongoose were often dinner guests at the Foster house),… » 8/04/05 2:07pm 8/04/05 2:07pm